Salem, Oregon
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Apria Healthcare is a joke. They send medical products to your home when the doctor fills out an order.

Then they don't tell you when the coverage is ending. They just send you a bill. This happened to me. When I got the bill I returned the item and disputed the bill because I did not get notice that I would be charged.

They said it is not their responsibility! I told them that it is bad business practice to not tell a customer when they are going to start being billed. They disagreed.

Shame on them. Do not use APRIA Healthcare!

Monetary Loss: $40.

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It has been 3 weeks now since my cpap machine (for breathing for sleep.They have had me jump thru more hoops than you can imagine they have all documents they need and still refuse to provide me with the equipment I need. No customer service, no brains!


Oh, I didn't know apria employees would respond. The point was, my insurance was paying for the item.

Apria didn't notify me that my coverage was ending. Instead, they just sent me a bill. Of course I don't think it should be free.

Did I say that? Your comment makes no sense at all.

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