Duvall, Washington
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First time customer. Called to place an order and they transferred me 3x until I finally gave my information to a representative.

She then said she was the wrong person to talk to and transferred me to another rep. He said my insurance information was not in the computer and I had to repeat again. He said it was set and the order would arrive in a few days. The following week, I couldn't figure out why I had not received my daughters order and decided to call again that Thursday.

They had NO insurance information and my order had not been placed. WHAT?!?!? Noone had called to say the order was not placed. I gave them my information again, very frustrated and they said her Cpap supplies wouldn't arrive for 5-7 days.

It had already been 5 days since my original order. I explained my daughters face mask was ripped and she was in need of another as quick as possible. I was upset. They told me again the order had been placed and apologized.

I called back the following day and the rep told me that they finally had my insurance information but that the order had still not been replaced and asked for more insurance information that I had given 3 other times. She promised that the order had been placed. So, 11 days after my original first time customer order I received a call. The rep said that they had a question about my insurance information and that something was goofed up...again?!!?!

Really? I cut off the rep and asked her if my order had been placed? She responded that my order was on standby?!?!!? and had not been placed yet!

I told them to stop the order!

I would NEVER use their service again. Please save yourself time and frustration and pick another company!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Apria Cons: Call center - poor service do not use this company.

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This is exactly the nightmare my husband went through to get his cpap machine in the first place last year, and is going through all over again to get supplies. He's been to the local office 5 times, and his order has still not been placed.

The woman at the front desk actually laughed at him when he told her how long he'd been trying to get this order.

Prior to that he'd spoken to another woman on the phone who was rude and actually hung up on him!

So sorry about your experience - we totally feel your pain.

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