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On 12/30/2010 I purchased, not leased a BiPAP machine from Apria Healthcare, in Lowell, Arkansas. I was told by two different people, at the facility, that my BiPAP would cost me absolutely nothing out of pocket.

30 days later I was billed for $72.00. I contacted Apria by phone, and was assured that the issue was taken care of. It was not. Less than 6 months later, I had a problem with the machine.

I took the machine to Aria, in Lowell. The woman turned on the machine, put her hand over the outlet on the reservoir, the machine blew air a few times, and the woman said "nothing wrong with the machine". This was after explaining that the BiPAP quits working correctly, after 4 - 6 hours. She gave me a new seal to go between the BiPAP and the reservoir, and sent me on my way.

The machine still had the same problem. I tried to return the BiPAP, and The representative at Apria said they did not want it back. I attempted to return the BiPAP a second time, after still being billed the $72.00 a month, for three consecative months. My insurance "Today's Options" has been billed on four different occasions, for $1,897.56, for a total of $7,562.24.

If you must deal with these people "Apria Healthcare", be sure to get EVERY THING in writing, because they do lie about the billing, and there is no real service after the purchase of their equipment! Through Today's Options, you own the machine after leasing the BiPAP. I called to affirm that the machine was indeed paid for, and asked for documentation of the fact. I did NOT receive any such documentation of the sort.

So like they always say when you call, "This call may be recorded", well, this morning when I spoke to customer service, it was most definitely recorded on my end. And was fortunate enough to get Laura (the customer service rep.) to confirm that my account was indeed paid in full...

I will NEVER deal with Apria Healthcare, again! Terry Taylor, NW Arkansas.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

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Better yet, don't deal with this company. They have poor customer service/care.


If u purchase equipment rather the rent, the unit then becomes totally your responsibility, ins will not cover any service to a purchased machine. If u rented it, it would be regularly maintained by apria and any repairs would be covered by ins. You should read your agreements and contracts before you sign


Apria can be reported to the authorites governing healthcare. I would send them a letter of intent to give them an opportunity to rectify the situation with a 15 business day demand for compliance.

Include a copy of the letter that you will be sending to your insurance company as well as the insurance commission and the governor of your state in the event that they don't comply. If on the 16th business day send the letter that you copied to them to the people you notified them you were going to send it too, and copy that letter once sent to Apria for thier records.

I would bet that you will no longer have issues with Apria after the letter, but just in case please don't hesitate to follow through and keep a copy of everything you send out for your file, as well as a detailed log of dates, times, details and names of all people you speak with from Apria or thier affiliates. Include if you lose your temper a detailed explaination as we are all human and it will add trustworthyness to your log. I wish you the best.



This us good to know, seeing as we are going to be purchasing a unit this weekend (10/20/2012)

I take comments made about service seriously, and the people here are so upset!

No way, we're going out of town!


Good to know. I will not be having any.part.of these companies when purchasing my machine. Glad these comments were here, thank you!!!


Apria has done everything in their power to screw up my purchase of a portable oxygen concentrator for my wife. They are trying to force a rental through, even though I have been approved for a purchase, and they keep screwing with my insurance company.

I told Apria and the insurance provider that I am NOT returning the portable concentrator, and I am currently saving up to purchase a stationary concentrator for home. Apria is renting us a beat up old machine with about 35,000 hours on it, and thay charge me $128 per month, whereas I can purchase a brand new machine that is the upgraded relacement for Apria's POS for about $750 - total! I can't wait to buy my own machine, even if it means $750 out of pocket, and call Apria to come and take all their *** out of my house and get out of my life. Apria should be shut down for insurance fraud for overcharging insurance companies.

I guess that a lot of people don't realize that they can BUY the machines for a *** of a lot less than Apria is screwing them over for. It's criminal.


One thing you people (Apria) have control over is how much you charge for your equipment. The last time I ordered CPAP supplies (flex fit mask, head gear, tubing and filters) you charged my insurance company at grand total of $1,480.90. $980 for the mask? seriously?

I now use Aspirus Home Health because of this. For the same supplies listed above, they charged $337.25. You people have an outrageous mark up on your supplies. If you add in the cost of my new auto PAP, it is still $200 less than what you charged for supplies only.

Will never again use Apria and I tell everybody I can not to do business here. Shop around and if you're in Wisconsin and can use Aspirus Network.... do it.


Last fall my CPAP machine quite working so I took it into Apria for repairs. They said I needed a new one.

At first they told me that since I had already done a monthly payment on the old machine that my insurance would pay for the new one all at once. Two days after I left they call and say I was going to be put on 10 monthly payments. I told them I would be switched to medicare in 5 months and they said I would not see any kind of change. I just started Medicare last month and I find my monthly fee has doubled and instead of having 5 months left I now have 13 months left.

They told me that Medicare controls what they charge and the fact that it was paid down to $335 had nothing to do with the fact that they are now going to charge me and Medicare $102 a month for 13 months. Pure greed!!!


I understand your frustration, but you are responsible for services rendered. I will agree Apria has many faults but I am sick and tired of hearing from people who do not know how their own insurances work.

The price and weather a peice of equipment is rented vs purchased is determined by your insurance contract.

Why don't you do your self a favor and learn to read you insurance policies before you complaining about something Apria does not have control over. Now as far as the Machine not working the, person who checked it should have taken your word for it that after 4-6hrs the problem occurs and replaced the unit under warranty.


Insurance companies make it difficult to understand thier terminology in laymans terms. It is not necessary to chastise people for having a difficult time understanding.

DME is a very confusing thing to understand for the average person and more so when you have more than one insurance company to deal with. Rather than sluff responsibility off on the consumer maybe taking into consideration that without them you would be unemployed and explain things in a kind, courteous, and understandable fashion. In addition if your frustration in your response is indicative of how you treat your customers, than I can totally understand how things go seriously wrong when people c-nall and try to understand by asking questions or for any other type of help. It sounds to me like your company needs to retrain it's people on appropriate customer service standards as well as how they need to understand insurance billing and what rights they have and don't have as a contracted provider.

If your insurance companies that you contract found out how your people are dealing with it's customers your company would be placed on probation and or lose their contract.

Thus unemployment line for you and your coworkers with such attitudes and loss of revenue for Apria. Sounds to me like you need to research as well and understand your own policies, rights and obligations.

@***cerned ***sumer

Actually as a customer apria will do everything in its power to take care of YOUR medical needs, however we deal with YOUR ins which can and does dictate price, service, eligibility, and quantity allowed. Apria provides you with a service that you may not want but YOU don't qualify for what you want b/c YOUR ins won't allow it.

You are responsible for YOUR ins, you should know what your ins agreement allows, apria is not gains company or equipment factory they do not make prices and they do not deny your ins. in fact apria prices are all available before service is booked and any denial or limitations are set by your Dr.

Or your Ins company. Apria just delivers the equipment to your house sets it up for you and trust me they would book top of the line service for purchased equipment but you will have to pay because your INSURANCE WONT COVER IT.

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