Bakersfield, California

I am a Kaiser Permanente member in California, a Medicare member, and a KP "Senior Advantage" member. I sleep study confirmed the need for a new sleep apnea machine to replace a very old unit which was not correctly adjusted as to flow, limits, ramping, etc. Here's the sequence of events:

1. In mid-September, Kaiser prescribed a new ResMed with humidifier and a new kind of mask.

2. Soon afterwards, Apria called me to schedule a mere ADJUSTMENT my old machine at their local store--I explain new Rx and ask to HOLD so that both old and new machines can be synchronized--they say "Fine."

3. April then calls to cancel appointment saying: (a) We have nothing to do with old machine because we are not sure you bought it from us and (b) you do not need any consult on new unit--it will be fully adjusted at the factory just for you [I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THIS]

4. Apria then sends me a Res Med WITHOUT MASK OR HUMIDIFIER.

5. I call seeking corrective action.

6. Apria tells me somehow, "because of my mistake", the Mask sent to former address--6 years old--when I bought machine from Apria and that NO HUMIDIFIER WAS INCLUDED IN THE ORDER.

6. I contact my Kaiser PTP and ask for their intervention and assistance.

7. Apria calls to tell me I must take corrective action re: Mask b/c it was "my error" and to confirm that "humidifier on its way".

8. After the week-end, I call regional Apria and talk to someone really informative, "Angel of Team Kaiser":

a. The mask was returned from the wrong address and should have been sent to the correct address-WHICH APRIA RECEIVED FROM KAISER;

b. The Humidifier "will now be shipped" and should arrive soon.

When I switch health carriers, and that day will come, I will be sure to find a health insurance plan for which Apria is NOT the DME pulmonary supplier. Why? (1) Apria promised help with old machine and then refused the same; (2) April promised face to face consult with new device and then cancelled; (3) Apria sent only partial unit; (4) Apria blamed me for their error re: mask; (5) Apria lied about "we've already shipped humidifier" when it took my follow-up call to get it on its way.

NOT COMPETENT OR TRUSTWORTHY. [April DID TAKE SWIFT CORRECTIVE ACTION--but until I talked to her, I received no help.]

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