I received a bill for 51.26 in August and went on line and paid it immediately.I continued to get bills every month and called them numerous times.

The money was drawn from my bank account 2 days later. Each person I talked to(5)promised to clear the problem up. Finally I figured out the problem. I had paid on my account instead of my husband's.

I called and the person I talked with found my over payment and said she would transfer the amount to the right account.

Today I received a call from a collection agency for the money.She said I had an overage on my account, but if I did not pay the 52.26 today it would go on his credit record.

Review about: Apria Account.

Monetary Loss: $51.

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In December of 2012 I order the necessary replacement supplies for my mask. I admit I did not check the order until January but when I did, they had sent medium nasal pillows instead of the small in my record. I contact Apria and they told me they would sent the smalls out immediately and I should just throw the others away. I asked if I or my insurance would be billed again and she told me no. I placed them on top of the fridge and forgot about them until I received a bill for $100.60. I called them as I noticed they billed my insurance in December as well as January. Of course in January I had not met my deductible.

They told me that med. and smalls have different numbers so when they credited my account for the december, they credited what I paid and they had a credit for my insurance in the amount of $100.60 (exactly what they were charging me) They said there was nothing that they could do.

Called my insurance and they said they should have submitted a corrected claim for December instead of sending a new claim in January.

So. . . back to Apria to explain what insurance said. Again Apria said we cannot do that. You can have the insurance call us. So now back to Insurance, they put me on hold and called Apria when they came back insurance said Apria told her that I had 30 days from shipment to inform them of a problem (No one at Apria ever told me this) they told my insurance that they could have corrected in if I would have...

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to madasheck #640378

The medium and small nasal pillows do have different product #'s but to the insurance, it is still considered as nasal pillows, (meaning the same product). You should have never got charged for the second nasal pillow. That is the reason why you were told originally to throw them away, because the 2nd nasal pillow is considered as a no charge item.

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