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My bed-bound mother was discharged from rehab and Apria told the facility and myself her bed would be delivered to a board and care by 4pm. That was 5 hours after discharge.

The bed was not delivered until 6pm the following day, and it was delivered without an electrical cord. The cord was delivered between 2 and 3 the next day, but it did not work. A new bed was delivered at 9pm that night. My bed-bound mother spent 58 hours buckled into a chair.

And all this was "marked urgent."

Two weeks later my mother is worse and in need of a higher level of care. I have a room for her but Apria says I should have called 2 weeks ago (???) in order to transfer her bed. I have to arrange for coordination of taking her out of bed in order to transport her while I wait for them to load up the bed and move it. I asked for them to deliver a new bed to the new facility so that my mom could have her bed when she gets moved, but they won't do it.

Who knows how long she will be strapped to a chair this time when she is in more serious medical condition.

Let me also say that every time I call Apria I start over. Nobody can find the notes.

They just disappear from the system.

And nobody from customer service connects with the ground. Customer Services marks things urgent but when you talk to the warehouse personnel they tell you there is no possible way it will happen.

I am currently paying for two rooms (very expensive) so that my mom has a place to be and the place she is going to remains available to her.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Apria Cons: Read my complaint, Reps have wasted inordinate amounts of my time, Poor communication as to what is needed to fullfill order.

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