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They used to be great until they went national. I have had nothing but problems with them. I could not get out of the house for almost two weeks because they took my portables and refill machine and I can't get those tanks up and down steps and to my car. Had no food or drink because I live alone and have no one...When I said I had no one to get food or help she said they were short on help also and could not get to me yet. that I could... Read more

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I have initiated a complaint against Apria Healthcare and wish to share the composition of my complaint in the hope that other consumers might find it useful. This is the beginning of my "paper trail" which will either lead to a settlement with Apria or Small Claims Court. I am a retired professional from the California Department of Consumer Affairs. -------------------------------------------------- Ricardo xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sacramento,... Read more

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I attempted to resolve an issue in which the package sent to me was lacking some of the products ordered. I spoke to a person that was nice but unusually difficult to hear due to what I suspect to be an overseas connection. They took my information and transferred me to another operator to correct an order for additional supplies only to be disconnected. To get to this point in the process was pretty long and painful. There is no simple calling... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 16
  • #920065

Called for appt for cpap mask fitting and spent 20min on phone and person was really hard to understand. Then you have to wait several hours for a person in the Phillipines to call you back. Could hardly understand a word she was saying. Substandard service.

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This firm has to be the worst in providing customer service. They are non responsive, not helpful when you do speak with them and really don't care. My physician placed an order for a CPAP machine and Apria went silent. Had to contact them and I was informed that they don't acknowledge orders for 3-9 business days. On the other side they will call you daily to get you to order supplies and when you try to cancel the automatic calling they... Read more

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John E. Fisher, Jr. I had not been to my sleep Dr. in over 3 years. That being said, I made a FACE to FACE appointment with Dr. Irene Scaltsas on September 1st, 2016. I have talked previously about 15 times with your Apria Staff in the Phillipines, to get these supplies. I gave this information to your people 15 times. Do they have a computer???? Finally today, the said I needed to pay $43.00 so I paid them over the phone. I asked to speak... Read more

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Have been paying my bill online for a less five years two months ago I was billed for july paided it throught i missed paying it this month I was billed for three month lookd at my online banking and show ed checks deposited to the right account there customers service is bad

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I have been plagued with the ineptitude of this company for far too long now. The amount in dispute is minuscule but more than I can just pull out of my pockets. Now it has become a matter of principal. When I first had to go on oxygen therapy in early 2013, the billing was confusing because I was unemployed and had a pending application with Medicaid. Once the Medicaid was approved, the billing department was notified of the correct... Read more

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I have used Apria for several years for the need of oxygen to prevent cluster migraine headaches. My needs are intermittent however heavily dependent to function on a day to day basis while suffering from these headache cycles. After a recent attack I reached out to them again, abiding by all of the requirements ( Doctors referral, liter flows, examination notes, etc. ) I had even stopped into the local branch ( as anyone dealing with these... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 06
  • #914117

I needed a scooter urgently after surgery. I called them everyday and their generic response was that they have a 7-10 day processing time for all orders no matter what. They have no sense of urgency and no customer service either. Do not use them if possible.

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