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My name is Sandra Thomas and the last week of December the first week of January I ordered supplies for my c-pack I am on Medicare they called and said that I had to pay $25 and some change which I did they received the money it cleared my bank January 17th to this day today the 5th of February I still have not received any supplies I have spoke with people today alone for close to 40 minutes now they're saying they want another $40 I've never received the supplies for the other one finally I got a hold of a supervisor mark and after being on hold for approximately 20 minutes he did find out that the check is cleared and he is supposed to be mailing my supplies after I hung the phone up about 15 minutes later I got a phone call and they want another forty dollars I don't know why all of this is been transpiring it never was before I'm without my supplies I'm going to contact Medicare I'm also going to contact 9News in Denver Colorado and I'm filing a complaint with National Jewish hospital where I go for my breathing treatments I would like you to give me a call please my phone number is 303 428 7674 I do not want to speak to anybody except for a corporate official I have spoke with several people for the last 2 weeks 2 and 1/2 Weeks and I've given the runaround I need some help with this please so if you're truly any kind of a corporate officer you will take this very seriously how your company is being run thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

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Very true escalations sit for 10+ days I work for apria as well ! They have an average handling time cs reps are supposed to meet .

Rush rush rush then sups wonder why things get messed up . However I do not pay mind to my aht if I was the ot on the phone I would want someone to take their time and investigate what went wrong and how it can be fix effectively and efficiently. To give a pt a better quality of life at home it takes time patience and diligence something most reps lack because they are more focused on their metrics and repercussions they may face when they don’t meet them . I had a pt who asked for a Spanish intererpreter 10 minute hold and the Apria interpreter spoke English to the patient .

By the end of the call I resolved the issue in English and the pt was so happy he cried literally. If you want to avoid long hold times call at 8 am est especially if your in a different time zone and if the representative seems like they don’t know what they are doing call back for someone else .


customer servics sucks


I work for Apria and can tell you they are the worst company I have ever worked for. They have the worst customer service department of any company I have ever seen.

All of our patients complain endlessly about how awful it is to deal with us, but the people who run this company are either totaly clueless or just don't care.

We have a revolving door at our branch and go through employees constantly....they last about two weeks and quit because it is such an awful company. As soon as I find another job, I am GONE!


I work for Apria and getting any management to reply to a email is ridiculous. Emails do not get replied to yet reps are told we have to reply within 24-48 hours. Apria doesn't care about employees.