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Since 1996 I have bought supplies roughly every 6 months from Apria . When I order they ask; same insurance info, confirm address to send where to send, my credit card with card's billing address so to charge the copay up front when ordered.

They say the balance is approved by the health insurance. Suddenly a collection agency descends on me that was from Apria of over $400 of supplies ordered in Jan 2004 and Jan 2012 that they later say insurance denied. They say they wrote me to the address that I have not been for 9 years of them selling me supplies by calling me every six months. I never knew I had separate shipping and billing address and they never asked for they say the two departments are very separate and I should know that?

Both Insurance companies I had claim they have no record of denying any supply claims. I believe they made a mistake and is covering it up. So I try to send back supplies, still in the shipping box, ordered less than 90 days ago, still sealed, never opened, to apply as a credit to the balance to make good on their mistakes and my balance. They say policy will not allow returns over 30 days.

They say and will not take responsibility for never asking me to update my billing address even though they had my phone to call and never asked me to update a billing address that I believe I did. It did not go through for billing is completely separate. They are very difficult to contact. When I first spoke to them on after the collections contacted me they had a different address I told them the right address they still had it wrong two weeks later when I tried to send back supplies.

Now I feel I did tell them a new address in 9 yrs nor when I ordered every six months did they ever ask me to clear a balance due. They act as they are the only players in town. Bad business players giving false information insurance companies has approved their portion.

They could have kept the order until resolved so most times I was not in dire need of it for they called me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Health Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $406.

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