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Apria is such a horrible company. Documentation has not been sent to medicare to get machine paid for.

They sent me letters asking me to call my Dr.'s office for confirmation of after care visit. They said when they called there was no answer....REALLY???? A Dr.'s Office in the middle of the day?? So the office very kindly faxed the info.

2 times, because Apria never received the first one. Medicare has denied the claim, not enough info. I am deemed non-compliant. Which means medicare will not pay for cpap supplies.

This has been 1 year ago. Apria will not even send a sleep report to my Dr.

Now they are billing me for the cost of the machine, because someone can't manage to get their job done. When I ordered supplies from ION My Sleep, great company BTW, They said OMG, You shouldn't have messed with Apria, You'll have problems, their a really bad company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Apria Cons: Idiotic billing practices.

  • deceptive billing practices
  • c-pap
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My 87 year old mother was referred to Apria Healthcare during a hospital stay in January 2018 for a NIV Non Invas Ventillation System. The 2 RT's have been great.

The billing department is Correctly stated incompetent and fraudulent billing practices trying to collect money from my mother and her primary insurance Medicare and secondary insurance that pays 100 percent. Their claims are late, just now billing for January and February 2018 and making rude, harrassment calls to us to attempt to get a personal payment card for $429.72 for that time frame. Called secondary insurance that just received claims 7/13/18 through May. Secondary will not pay 20% until Medicare pays first 80%.

Every call Apria Billing staff is trying to collect direct threatening to avoid collection. I certainly agree their medical claim process, potential fraudulent billing practices and customer service in billing area, possible supplies ordering medical supplies needs to be investigated. Possibly Medicare Fraud, 1-800-633-4227 is a possible start point.

Thank you for sharing your comments. I don't feel so alone and instincts of their billing behavior dealing with this week are unique only to me but a number of you out there, just trying to deal with home care respiratory needs.


Medicare has the most strict guidlines there is. If one small item or code or dianosis is inncorrect they will deny.

Most of the time Apria receives one of these that are incorrect from the Dr.

It is the patients responsibility to take charge of their well being. It is not Apria's job to be sure your Dr has sent the correct items.


Hi, here in Washington State having the EXACT same problem. We all need to ban together and file a class action lawsuit against these people!

They illegally billed us since they billed our insurance company.

You can find more complaints on Facebook pages.

Has anyone had any success with these people?

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