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My husband Paul has been seriously hospitalized several times. The first time was for stroke and broken hip. To bring him home I had to rent wheel and bed with trapeze. They were to deliver when we got home at 3 pm, did not deliver til 8:30 pm. It was very late by the time set up was completed. The trapeze fell on my husband.

I was told that there was a one time payment but began receiving bills per month which I paid, the rental was less like $17 for the wheel chair and $20+ for the bed. We sent the bed back within 2 mos but kept the wheel chair for another month. However, the charges and bills kept on after the fact. I kept calling to remedy this. And was told it would be taken care of. Then I received a bill from a collection agency for $200-300! Yikes! Never had one before. I told them I had paid everything and no longer had the equipment, but they just kept send the bill and it kept getting bigger. So I paid it with credit card over phone.

Months later, I started getting the bills again and from the collection. But could not look up credit card payment because It was estatement from chase and I couldnt go back that far. This time I paid with check. I called the insurance company to let them know what Apria was doing.

So last year he went into respiratory failure due to Dvts from previous hip fracture. Dr. Ordered a Bi-pap machine from Apria. I told the hospital I didnt want to deal with Another Apria swindle nightmare. But they said that he had to have it. However, they sent a C-pap with the excuse that they did not have a Bi-pap but should have it within a few weeks. 3 months later, we are at his doctors and I tell him we do not have the machine. Apria finally sent one. But my husband could not use it. So I took it over to Apria amd they informed me that I could not return it without a doctors prescription. So We went back to the doctor and they reconfigured the machine, but he was still unable to sleep with it. So I took the thing back. Told them I wanted a bill for the total of what I owed. I paid the bill and they gave me a receipt with Paid in Full on it.

A few months later, I start receiving bills and collection again. Its a nightmare that wont go away. Get this, the bills and the collection bills (all coming at the same time) all have different totals on them. So I called Apria billing and asked what they are for. All the girl will tell me is that the bill is in collection. But I have one in my hand that says $54. She informs me that I owe over $200. I have one from collecton for $5.39 and a previous one for $13??? I informed her that I had returned the equipment paid off the bill and had a receipt saying paid in full. She informed me that the bill is in collections and I have to take care of it.

This company has no ethics; they should not be allowed under the auspices of "helping" to prey on the sick, injured handicaped and aged who are already in compromisingly stressful situations with huge medical issues and who in many cases cannot deal. Apria is ***.

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Possibly your equipment was not delivered at the time estimated because someone else needing oxygen took precedence. Apria Healthcare has been servicing my mother for years and all I have ever experienced , more than a long hold time (Apria, you can improve in that area), is GREAT customer service.

Whether I am calling about her oxygen equipment or a bill that I received. The agents always explain to me my insurance contractual requirements and help me understand what I need to do to ensure my mother's claims are paid timely.


Jennifer Robison - Billing Supervisor- 866-637-0240 X75141


Please join our class action lawsuit. Email us These cheats and scammers NEED to be stopped.


We do need to stop this business. In the research Ive done, many are getting swindled.

Their scare tactics are shameful! Many an elderly person will write a check and that is what keeps this company thriving.

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