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My daughter was born extremely premature after just six and half months of pregnancy. Breast milk is so vital for micro-preemie babies so when I was told that my insurance would cover most of renting a hospital grade breast pump from Apria, costing me only $9 a month out of pocket, I jumped at the opportunity. But after just a couple months, my husband told me that he had been receiving bills for the full amount of $40-50 dollars and just been paying it. He said at that point, we had already paid hundreds of dollars, we could have bought a new pump at that point. I told him to stop paying until I cleared it up with our insurance and our Apria.

The mistake lay with our insurance who had stopped sending authorization to Apria. They apologized and sent the forms retroactively covering us for all the months we had the pump. But I still kept receiving constant calls from Apria who insisted that they didn't have those forms and that we owed them money. So I kept hounding my insurance who kept insisting they sent it (already two months had passed). Finally, one service rep from Apria acknowledged that they did receive the forms, they just didn't see them in my records at first. But said I still owed them money. They kept transferring me until finally someone listened while I explained we had easily overpaid by hundreds and that we were owed money back. She looked up my records and said I was right. Told me not to pay anything more and that to wait while she got it settled, that we should wait and expect our refund.

I kid you not, didn't hear anything...no refund in the mail, and we still are getting those calls from Apria every 3-4 months like clockwork still saying we owe them money. we've sent them credit card statements showing the overpayments we made...but I guess they must have the most horrible record-keeping computer system in the world because a week later we'll get a call from a different service rep. And it's back to the beginning. Never ever ever ever rent or do business with Apria. Seriously, what is wrong with this business and how do they get away with it?

My daughter is 18 months old, this has been a year and half long struggle. We paid hundreds of dollars when our total should only be $81 dollars. We have collections agencies calling us and we're helpless. My husband just wants to pay Apria more money just to end this battle but we get false hope every time we explain ourselves to the agents and they say it's taken care of. Complete lies!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

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