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Apria is the worst! My husband is a home oxygen patient.

After years of poor customer service we finally changed companies. When we first started service with them we needed portable tanks for travel. We were told that if we wanted them we had to come and pick them up ourselves. This was a 45 minute trip one way.

The only thing they would give us was the refillable tanks. They stated that if we wanted the non-refillable portable travel tank we would have to pay our of pocket. We later found out that our insurance covers these units for travel 100 percent. Everytime we need replacement tanks we get the run around about delivery.

They will only deliver every 6 weeks. The straw that broke the camels back came a month ago when we received a notice from a collection agency stating that we owed apria 29.00. My portion to Apria after the insurance pays thier part is 11.90 per month. They were paid in full.

This was the first that I had ever received any notification of a past due balance. I called Apria and was transferred to someone in India that would only tell me that I owed the money and could not give me any details on why this was my first notification of the balance. I asked for a supervisor and was hung up on. My husband called and spoke with a lady who stated that we hadn't paid our bill in a year.

She stated that she would send out an itemized statement. We received an itemized bill with dates of service that were completely bogus. I called them back to discuss the itemized bill and when I asked for a supervisor I was transferred to a voice mail. My call was never returned.

My husband called back, same thing. I wrote a letter and included proof of all payments made within the past year. My husband made a follow up call after they received it. They stated that it was a mistake and an apology letter would be sent.

That was over a month ago, still no apology letter. We have made several phone calls and have been promised a call back. We have decided to go with another company. American Home Patient.

The new company is totally awesome.

We also discovered that Apria was charging over 3 times more than the new company. After canceling Apria I went on the internet and found other reviews and found other customers who had similiar issues.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Delivery Service.

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I have received the same run around about the billing. I am so sick of them.

I have been a nervous wreck for 2 months dealing with first one issue after another. every phone number they give you is answered by the same central answering service. They pretend that they cannot transfer you to your local office. My doctors office was abl e to contact the lical office and have them call me.

I spoke with someone from our local office that stated she would place me on pick up status and assured me that they would not try to pick up my cpap before I made a decision as to whether ot not i wanted to continue with Apria, We had to run some errands thisvafternoon. While we were gone, the local rep called me leaving 2 messages stating she may have answers for me. This afternoon, I received a robo call telling me that my machine would be picked up tomorrow morning!!! The person at the

local office had told me that she would put a note in my file so that customer service would transfer me to her.

After having to explain my situation, reidentify my name, address and birthday, I was told that this person was now out of the office! So i left a voicemail. I would definitely not recommend them to anyone unless you are a gluten for punishment.

I did not even cover the billing issues. They cannot do that right either.


you make alair out of me and your staff does to end of conversation


I had the same issue with "Kjb386" and "Ashley". I was so shocked that first time in my life receiving a letter from Collection Agency. Now filling a complain to "Better Business Bureau" and Federal Trade Commission ""


I live in Florida near Tallahassee. It would be no exaggeration to say that we have had at least fifty complaints about APRIA service which we had for one year.

They are terribly disorganized and difficult to deal with. We have made at a dozen complaints about problems with proper billing and crediting of payments. Part of the trouble may be that there are at least two APRIA entities handling billing, one in Kentucky and the other in India. We finally canceled APRIA because of the huge amount of time it took us to fix even the smallest problems.

Is this due to ineptitude of APRIA's staff? I see it as an inability to follow through on these complaints to the end, and to assign the case to one person who must be accountable. To add insult to injury, after we canceled service, they sent another bill for the billing time period AFTER the cancellation.

All efforts by phone and email have failed to correct this error and now we are receiving calls and notices from a collection agency. We would like to sue them for putting a collection agency on this and hurting our credit rating instead of getting their staff to do their jobs and admitting they are in error.

doug c

This sounds very very similar to my problems, up here in Washington. APRIA was nice initially, but then, LOUSY!

A complaint to the Better Business Bureau helped, though. Ridiculous that I had to even go to that length.

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