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Beware. Do NOT use APRIA.

My daughter has cerebral palsy and a gtube. Needs specific enteral supplies and on time monthly. Apria can never get the order correct then the corporate alleged customer service vampires suck the life blood out of you trying to correct it. Also made illegal claims why could not return the wrong supplies.

(I am an attorney so caught them at their insulting vile game of screwing other unknowing customers ) When informed cancelling with APRIA & going to competitor, Apria vampires refused to stop sending the WRONG unusable supplies until my daughter's physician had to write a cease and desist letter. Because Apria knew what competitor we were going to, a supervisor VIOLATED HIPPA, serious violation of federal privacy law of personal medical information and unbelievably unilaterally contacted Coram, the competitor, finding out what contact information Coram had on my daughter & then giving Coram the bad list of supplies Apria so royally screwed up. Apria committed an outrageous violation of HIPPA and engaged in conspiracy to defraud a customer. They will never be fair or honorable especially when it comes to Apria employees having to actually do something to benefit the customer instead of themselves--Apria.

Apria, throughout the company, will lie, cheat, and act illegally to protect Apria, and don't care about the harm to the customer healthwise or financially. Apria will argue with, defend their wrong actions, & insult the customer, to intimidate the customer to stop trying to get what they need. Dangerous company all the way to the top. Beware.

Be very very aware of Apria's offensive and often illegal tactics to screw the customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

Reason of review: Apria's disregard for customers& violation of state and federal laws .

Preferred solution: Apria to be held accountable to state and federal agencies and state attorney general .

Apria Cons: Lying about services, Intentional knowing violation of hippa, Illegal tactics to stop customer requests for rightful solution.

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