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My husband was prescribed a CPAP unit and equipment Aug 2013. Our double insurances have paid a "rental" fee for this unit.

Do they really think that a person will overcome a sleep apnea issue? After a year with this unethical company, we disassociated ourselves. Speaking with them you get total incompetence, billing errors and they do not hesitate sending you to collection at 30 days. Just this past October 2015, we got a bill from them after a year of silence.

They had put my husband's account into maintenance. They charge a monthly fee of $58, Just in case anything goes wrong. Trying to get them to take this off our account has been brutal. I have never had such a distaste in my mouth for any company.

This one definitely is an unethical mob mentality based company. Anyone with a class action let me know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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  • Apria Atrocious Billing Practices
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I have owned my cpap machine for FIVE years. Apria is STILL billing me a mandatory (so they say) $100 a year for maintenance fee.

I will NOT be purchasing my next cpap machine from Apria, I can tell you that right now! All I get when I call are pushy Indians (go ahead, call me racist but just because I can tell by their accent, they ARE from India does NOT make me racist) that demand over and over again a credit card number even though I have said several times I want to contact my own insurance company before I pay this bill.

They are the most aggravating SOBs I have every dealt with. I had to just hang up on them.


Please refer to my November 29th post entitled "Apria Complaints & Recommended Actions" for advice on how to deal with Apria Healthcare. Good Luck!

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