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I spent weeks on the phone with Reps from the Phillipines to Ohio to Kansas and even California trying to resolve a problem with their Billing. My insurance pays Apria through a third party payer, if there is a balance the payer bills me directly which is usually under a $100.

I paid my third party payer the difference between what they collected from my insurance and what they had to pay Apria. My problem was that Apria kept billing me and sending threatening letters if I didn't pay x amount of dollars. When I would call Apria I would get the Phillipines and they would tell me they can't discuss this account with me as per the contract they have with Carecentrix. So I was being billed but they couldn't discuss it with me, that makes a lot of sense right!

Now I'll confess to being ***. I should have cancelled Apria after the two weeks and dozens of phone call hassles they put me throught but I'm a gluten for punishment I guess, plus they sent me a box of free supplies to kind of make up for the mess. Now last March I was again in need of supplies and Apria called offering to restock my supplies. I explain that I'm still covered by Washington Teamsters but they have switched from Cigna to Blue Cross Blue Shield and I don't know if my coverage has changed or not.

I'm also pretty sure that my bill will no longer be handled by a third party which will allow me to deal directly with Apria. The rep from Apria checked my new insurance and told me I had 100% coverage which was great! Now not being fully convinced and knowing that Apria had my card on file I asked what would happen if the insurance didn't pay the entire bill? The rep told me not to worry they would not bill my card without notifying me first!

Two weeks after I received my supplies I was billed, it was under a hundred bucks so I figured there must have been a co-pay as I expected there would probably be. I was pissed that they lied to me again and made a mental note to not order from these guys again since IMHO they are a bunch of lying cheats! Well here it is almost June and I see a charge on my bank account for $99 from Apria! I didn't even order supplies this time and what about we never bill your card without telling you thing!!!

Apparently once Apria gets hold of your card you become the companies ATM, nice for them I guess!

So thats my story and if your still thinking about ordering from Apria just send me all your money, at least you'll know someone in need got it. :-)

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Apria Pros: Price and ease of ordering, Diane who finally made sense of issue.

Apria Cons: Confusing billing, Unknowledgeable sales reps, Billing without notification.

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Please refer to my November 29th post entitled "Apria Complaints & Recommended Actions" for advise on how to deal with Apria Healthcare. Good Luck!

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