Portland, Oregon
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I received my cpap machine exactly 1 year ago - delivery went fine and the equipment is great. They assured me that the total cost would be covered by Medicare and my supplemental service.

They did ask on several occasions for a credit card number, but (fortunately) I managed to never provide them with one. They have billed Medicare every month for the last 11 months - and the claim is denied every month. (Medicare then sends the bill to my supplemental insurance carrier, and they in turn deny it since Medicare won't cover it) I have called billing several times, but they tell me everything is ok.

I have had my sleep doctor send all the documentation to them three times. From the complaints I have heard from others, if I had provided a credit card number, they would have billed it for the equipment.

Currently I have been on the phone (on hold) for 35 minutes.

The problem is, I have needed new supplies for at least 6 months and I am certain given their past performance that Medicare is not going to pay them if they haven't managed to successfully bill them for the cpap and I am NOT going to give them a credit card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Cpap Machine Rental.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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