Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I personally returned my husband's Apria CPAP equipment 10 months ago, deeply dissatisfied with their rep's dangerous attempt to put my husband on another Apria machine that I was told by an expert would only make his central apnea WORSE. One month later Apria entered our home under false pretenses (conned a caregiver into believing I had authorized them to take a data card out of "their equipment").

They actually took the card from a competitor's upgraded and fully appropriate equipment -- that was CLEARLY LABELED on all sides as belonging to another vendor. After not being able to reach anyone with the "wildly circular Apria phone menu system", I called on our local police to intervene. Needless to say, Apria answered HIS call and returned the card, promising that they would make sure the equipment was noted as 'returned'. TEN MONTHS after the equipment was returned....NOW they make an AUTOMATED call to say it is time to re-order supplies??

There was NEVER a call to re-order supplies before.......

So, I called AGAIN, this time to the phone number provided to order supplies, asking on a HOPEFULLY recorded line that Apria PERMANENTLY remove our phone number from their call list. Only time will tell.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Apria to NEVER call or visit our home again..

Apria Cons: Phone call menu followed by barriers to people contact, Internal customer relationship systems not linked, All calls took 23 minutes minimum even if not answered.

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