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My HSA account paid for the deductible for CPAP equipment. Six moths later I received a bill from CareCentrix saying I owed $130.00 that was applied to the deductible.

I called CareCentrix and they told me to call Apria. I called Apria and they told me to call CareCentrix who told me to call Apria again. I ended up paying the money after they threatened to turn it over to a collection agency. I returned the latest order back to Apria because I wanted nothing else to do with them.

A month later,I received a bill for the returned items. After several calls to Apria and CareCentrix I found someone who said they would take care of it. A month later,I received another bill for the returned items. I called Carecentrix and was told to call Apria to get the return authorization number.

apparently the contractor they use for billing does not communicate with Apria. I am not sure if they are unbelievably incompetent or fraudulent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Account.

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I am afraid that we are going to go through similar stuff with Apria Healthcare. They are unethical!

We signed a rental agreement to pay on our credit card with the understanding it was for $42.

After a few months of $42, we were billed for $384.48. We are working with our Bank to have the charges reversed.

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