Rice Lake, Wisconsin

I have been using Apria HC for a couple of years now and up until recently, I did not have any issues with them. My last order through Apria was via a phone call where I talked directly with a customer service rep. Their records indicated I was using a specific CPAP mask and I told the CSR that this was wrong. I started out with a RESMed Mirage FX and had ONCE tried the full face mask that they had on file. I did not like that mask because it was hard plastic and not comfortable. I told the CSR to send me the original RESMed Mirage FX again. She did this and I figured my records were updated accordingly. Unfortunately, not so!

I have been getting "Out of area" phone calls where an automated voice states that it is checking up on a patient. Since I don't consider myself a patient, I would hang up on this call. After getting about a dozen of these calls and getting tired of them, I finally listened to the entire recording. It never mentioned my name specifically and it took some time before it was identified that the call originated from Apria and it was calling about replenishing my CPAP supplies. It told me I was eligible for a number of CPAP items that I said "Yes" to sending me. It never identified the products by product number or by brand name... just "Filter", "Tubing", "Mask"... etc. I received said items via UPS a few days later and must now return 3 out of the 4 items shipped as they are not the items I use. The mask was the type I had told the CSR I did NOT want. The tubing was not the type I had successfully ordered multiple times in the past and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with the filters they sent. They don't fit any CPAP equipment I have used to date.

I called the Apria office near me that processed the order and was switched over to "the department that sent the order" only to be informed I should leave a message and someone would get back to me.

My complaint here is two-fold.

1. The automated phone call is (in my opinion) very unprofessional. Such a call should START OUT with identifying the company that is calling and then indicate the NAME of the person they are trying to contact.

2. This automated system sent me the wrong supplies and I'd bet that I'm not the only person this has happened to. It's obvious to me that this system needs work and (again, in my opinion) it shouldn't be in use until some "caring person" implements the option for the "patient" to talk with a real person.

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Then why dont you get off of the automated service that YOU obviously signed up for since your getting those automated calls and speak with a customer service rep, this is your fault not apria's.


Please join us in our class action lawsuit at lawmomma@outlook.com. The ONE person that voted your review not helpful is no doubt an Apria minion..............


This company needs to be investigated, very poor service. I now have waited over 6 hours

For a return call, and set up an appointment for an up grade on my mask.

I am getting aggravated on these automatic non personal calls.

I will find a a second source ASAP. :cry


The exact same thing just happened to me. I distinctly told the customer service person that I had also used the nasal mask, and that is the mask I wanted to go back to.

She said "yes but, the last order we have is for the pillows." I said I know what the last order was, but I have such bad nasal and sinus congestion that the nasal pillows don't work for me, and can't get any rest. I then said, oh never mind, I will just call my local representative and place my order. She then said, "oh no, I have it all ready for processing, and the nasal mask, (no pillow) is entered. She asked for my credit card information, and gave me an 800 number to call if I needed anything else.

Well my order came today, and she sent the damned nasal pillows instead of the nasal mask. I will never order form these people again.

I was waiting eagerly for a good night sleep, but Apria botched that. :(

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