This goes out to all of you "pissed off" customers: You have no idea how much we, the delivery drivers, customer service reps and billing people do to satisfy you, the "pissed off" (as the website is called) people. Realize one thing, it is your Insurance company that does not want to have anything to do with you, paying members.

We, here at Apria, go a mile and beyond to attend to all your needs and what is the pay back: Apria sucks! Well, thank you all, I have no more to say on this topic. You know, when we all stand in front of our Creator on the Judgment Day, I really believe He will judge accordingly.

We do not see our families because we, the delivery people, the billing people, the management, dedicate ALL of our time, 10-12 hrs per day, sometimes 7 days a week to cater to you, our lovely customers. Stop the madness and start appreciating each and everyone of us here, at Apria.

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I've purchased my Cpap equipment from Apria for ten years. I never had any problems.

Then they centralized their customer service, taking it away from the branch offices. Now, it takes 20 minutes (I time it) to get through to the main CS area and then the CPAP department. My orders have been lost and there's total confusion between the central office and the branch, which still has to handle requests for new machines. The people are doing the best they can.

This is clearly the fault of corporate management.

Well, they lost me as a customer. I hope the bean counters are happy.


Then if I were you I'd find another job, cause the one you have now sucks


I have to agree with you. Most of these customers complain that they been on hold for to long, well if we are like they say a horrible company then their call would go right through to us but they dont realize how many calls a day we get, its one right after the other, would love to see them do our job they would not last 5 minutes, they act like they are the only one that matters, well all our customers matter and if your going to be rude to us i suggest you dont because one button is all it takes.


what a lying ***, I work for the same company so I have the right to say this.


I must say I tend to agree with some of the patients. I myself work in Billing and know how frustrating it is to have to deal with the hold times to get through to an agent.

I get to hear the other side of it. I answer a call and the conversation starts off as "I know is not your fault...." and I then get laid into, sometimes for a good 5 minutes about the hold time. I have 0 control of it, the patient knows I have 0 control but I'm just a voice on the other end of the line so it doesn't matter. Patients can be hateful, rude, scream, cuss, and tell you how worthless "you people" are but we're always the one in the wrong.

And your insurance denying a claim for something they didn't get documentation for, that's your doctors fault, not mine. Insurance "never received the claim?" I know first hand that insurance reps "lose" claims that may be too much work or cost the company too much money. Insurance reps are paid to find ways out of paying for claims. How do you think they stay in business?

A previous commenter said he was hung up on 3 times. If it was by 3 different agents, might want to consider that you're the problem. I hate to tell you people, but it's not always our fault and of you start off a call with an attitude, I can assure you, you're going to get a lot less help from me. I'll make a half hearted effort to work your account, but basically I'll tell you to figure it out.

Nice? Probably not. But if you want someone to work hard for you, I would advise asking with a smile. I can read almost every comment on here and tell you what happened on your account and how to fix it, but unfortunately, you probably didn't get the help you were looking for due to your demeanor.

Not all cases, but you couldn't guess how many rude and hateful people could have their problems solved by just using as little common courtesy.



HAVE YOU EVEN BOTHERED TO READ THE 196 COMPLAINTS ON PISSED CONSUMER BEFORE MAKING SUCH A RIDICULOUS STATEMENT? Besides which, you get PAID for listening to our concerns. How we, the consumer, the patient, express those concerns is at OUR DISCRETION...........without US you have NO JOB. I can absolutely assure you that if YOU WERE ON HOLD FOR 3+ HOURS YOU WOULD BE READY TO LIGHT UP WHOEVER ANSWERED YOUR CALL.

Your absurd commentary only corroborates my contention that Apria has no regard for the consumer. You actually VERBALIZED that you will give less than expected behavior based on YOUR perception of the consumer.........UNBELIEVABLE..........but I thank you in advance as it only helps to reiterate our position in our CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. ps: NOTHING is 'ANONYMOUS'...your ip address is VERY EASILY FOUND.

Thank you for your assistance. With your advanced customer service skills you may be better suited working at Chik-f-la or however you hilljack's says it.


You sound like one whiny áss bítch. The world doesn't revolve around you and those are humans on the other end of the phone.

Let me guess, do you need Apria because you're a typical morbidly obese PIG of an American who feels he's entitled to everything?

And WTF is your point about an IP address? Are you planning on suing this website for the address and then suing the poster's provider for a record they may or may not have? And then if you get the OP's identity, what will you do with it?

Sue him/her to court over posting a truthful comment on the internet?

Why don't you track me down...my IP automatically changes every 10 hours and I can change it manually at any given moment.


Thank you for the humorous rant! Why the anonymity?


Why the anonymity?

Same reason you're posting anonymously...unless that jumbled bunch of letters you use to identify yourself is the same as what's on your birth certificate.

If you want to be taken seriously over your class action lawsuit, how about posting your real name, address and a phone # that you can be reached at? Not some free, disposable outlook email address. :sigh


you suck


Just this past weekend APRIA refused to supply oxygen until I gave them a credit card. APRIA SETS CUSTOMER CARE BELOW $$$$$


Please join us in our class action lawsuit at lawmomma@outlook.com.




Look, I know people have unrealistic expectations, it is like that in every job! I don't even know what apria is, but if you are doing the best you can, then that is all you can do. Forget the comments here, they are not directed at you,


Look, if you're doing your job well and compassionately, then these folks are NOT speaking to you. But to insist folks not complain when they're receiving *** service is just plain unrealistic. How about you pay closer attention to what goes on around you when you're working? Are you sure there aren't complaints and nasty behavior going on around here that you're just not noticing? If your branch is doing well, has nothing but happy customers, etc., then good for you! Great job! I'm sure your customers are grateful. The decent ones anyhow. I know there are rotten apples in any barrel and often they're the ones that spend the most time complaining even though they really ought to be looking at themselves and THEIR behaviors. But that's not always the case.

In this country there are millions of different businesses, dealing with millions of different customers, some good, some bad, on both sides.

People who have legitimate complaints have every right to express them. Just as those who are full of *** and talk snot without any justification are out there.

Good luck keeping up with what sounds like a busy, hectic job. And just as you wish these folks to take a moment and think of all of you who work hard and give some thanks, you might want to give some thanks for YOUR good customers.


This is total BS. Apria blamed the insurance for all kinds of made-up requirements they tacked on to hold my CPAP hostage.

Unfortunately for them, we are responsible consumers and contacted the insurance company to verify these requirements. The insurance company had never heard of them. They tried to force us to take classes in operating equipment I'd relied on for years, amongst other BS demands. They refused a loaner so the original unit could be repaired, so we paid for a replacement.

They double charged us and demanded we show up to an office visit-- a completely unacceptable demand given the infection risk I go through every time I'm in a public place and the fact that I am right now fighting for remission.

They apparently thought they had easy prey in us because I depend on this equipment. They were completely unsympathetic, rude, and for 3 weeks they gave us the runaround. Like the employee here, they whined about how busy and overworked they were.

AT LEAST YOU CAN BREATHE. Try working every day with barely any sleep and your sinuses killing you, from alternating between super-dry air through your sinuses and suffocating in your sleep when your body won't deal with the pain and opens your mouth for you. Then complain to me about how hard your life is.

We have faxed you prescriptions, gotten case numbers from Aetna, there is no discernable reason for you to be withholding this equipment. Meanwhile I am forced to deal with a half-functioning unit, not even knowing if the fault will render it completely nonfunctional before they finally replace it.

Where is the extra mile you're going?

Do you mean the extra effort it took to lie over and over about what was required by my insurance, or the extra mile you're going out of your way to ignore the customer service calls and emails?

Well, you can stuff it, because we finally got our insurance to fax us an alternate provider. Here's hoping Roberts Medical knows how to get from A to B without adding extra miles out of their way to rip us off.

@It is not us it is you

Please join us in our class action lawsuit at lawmomma@outlook.com.


I have a hard time accepting your whining. If you are working 10 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week on a regular basis then Apria is abusing you as badly as they abuse their customers.

Wake up and face reality. I've dealt with Apria in the past and perhaps it to indicate in what low regard I hold them, I currently buy all of my BiPap supplies on line and pay full price rather than deal with the Rip Off artists at Apria.


Please join us in our class action lawsuit at lawmomma@outlook.com.


Thank you for your heart worming words. I can only pray there are more people like you, who really see and appreciate our hard work

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