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I have been very unhappy with Apria Healthcare. I have discovered that Apria has been fraudulently billing for a CPAP humidifier.

I have never had a humidifier. The paperwork I have, Rental Agreement, clearly shows the humidifier was deleted. I have tried on several occasions, as has my insurance provider (HMSA) to get this corrected, but to no avail. Furthermore, every time I have called, I have been given different stories that turn out to be lies.

I was told that in March of 2015, the humidifier was deleted from my account. But Apria continued to bill for it as late as July of 2015. I sent copies of my rental agreement with Apria to HMSA and notified them via their fraud number. When my insurance coordinator, (Bev in the Hilo, HI office), finally got through to Apria, she called me and connected us in a conference call.

The Apria rep said the charges were valid according to her paperwork, and that I would need to contact the Hilo branch to get it changed. I informed her that I had tried calling the Hilo branch several times, during normal business hours, but they never answer the phone. She then gave me the back line number to the Hilo office (808-485-2327). But when I called the number, it turns out it was the backline number for the branch in Pearl City, on the island of O'ahu.

The manager of the Pearl City branch said he would email the manager of the Hilo branch, and have him contact me. To this date, I have never heard back from the Hilo branch.

On 1 Sept 2015, I received an email from Sandra Herman, Account Resolution Specialist, located in Minster, OH (866-838-4762) informing me that the CPAP and the humidifier (the one I never had) were both paid for and are now mine. This pattern of lies and dishonesty has lead me to the conclusion that Apria cannot be trusted, or believed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Cpap Machine Rental.

Reason of review: FRAUD.

Monetary Loss: $158.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I googled my friend apria’s name and found this... ima leave now


I received a bill for Cpap supplies that I supposedly received August of 2015. I have not had a account with Apria since June of 2015 as I went on Medicare and needed a new sleep study to qualify for durable goods under Medicare insurance.

(Apria had sent me a letter a few months prior to warn me that they could not fill out future durable goods until I have a new sleep study on file with Medicare) I called to dispute the August 2015 charges and they investigated and said that their supplier had shipped and confirmed delivery. I did not receive any supplies In August and the shipped items sent were not even for my type of machine and the supplies are not what my standard normal order over the last 14 years have been?

They advised me in March 2015 by letter that they could not fill out future orders until I had a new sleep study to meet Medicare guidelines. I called the local Apria supply center In Modesto Ca. and they told me that no supplies will be sent until I met the Medicare criteria.

Apria's own records on my account indicated that I would be on Medicare on June 1, 2015. No sleep study was completed until January of this year 2016 so how did they get approval from Medicare to ship durable goods. They also had sent me durable goods in November of 2015 and agreed to take back the supplies and credit my account for their misgivings as they were never ordered by me and were not supposed to be on any auto refill as my insurance had changed. These supplies were never sent back as they told me to "donate them, throw them away or use them as the subcontractor who shipped the supplies does not take them back"

(they tried to bill my old insurance and were denied, they were attempting to defraud my old insurance since they did not have any Medicare account information on Me)

I requested information from Apria on how I file a complaint for "Fraud" by their business and the all of a sudden the phone tech advised me that they just received an email from their supervisor that all of my account will be cleared of any charges as it was their mistake and that even the supplies that were supposedly sent in August of 2015 were not even for my machine.

Go figure, they finally analysed what the billing was for and for something that would not even work on my current cpap machine which was purchased from them and on file in their computer and customer information.

I had 14 years of good service that will end due to their lack of attention to account information, their fraudulent attempt to bill an old insurance company, the shipment of supplies not for my machine and which were not requested by Me or approved by Medicare, and the many calls I made to prove that they were wrong.

Nothing but a hassle since I went on Medicare last June.

never again with Apria. enter at own risk, You are fairly warned!

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