Alturas, California
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Apria has been billing us since Feb 2012 for services that we do not owe. I have called many many times their billing number and have gotten nowhere!

I have faxed a copy of my EOB CLEARLY showing we owe nothing and all they can tell me is they have no record of my EOB. Their PPMC dept apparently handles billing issues like mine yet they will NOT nor can I find a telephone number for that dept. A second issue is we continue to receive the wrong supplies.

This is just the tip of the iceberg starting back in 2004. Am looking for a new provider in my area.

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They hosed me too.After retiring my health insurance stopped paying. So instead of letting me know they just took the money (which increased @500%) without any warning.

So now bounced checks and overdraft fees are off the charts.

No cash for heating oil,bills, or groceries. Screwed.


I agree, Apria double sucks !!!

They continue billing me for 178.00 I do not owe, My medicare should have been billed, (Like they billed it is the past). I have been using c-pap for 15 years through another company and never had one issue.

For the last 2 or 3 years, nothing but frustration.

They also withdrew $ from my personal checking account. I was told in order to be a customer I had to give them my number, they said it would never be used. Not true!

I've been sent to collection (because they make so many mistakes). RE: supplies, I was told that when it was time for me to get supplies they would call me (as requested by some superior source) When I agreed they would tell me what was being sent out and if I agreed they would send them to me.

I said "fine, thank you". A week later I received a box with 7 masks in it, nothing else. No I did not receive a call of any kind from Apria. It appears it should be called Apria Confused......

Two days ago I visited the Worcester, MA office and spoke with a woman who was helpful. I brought her my c pap card to be read, however she said it was not working and gave me another one, I mailed that one the following day (to Donna's attention), I hope it gets there. I'm afraid to call for supplies, because I am 77 y.o. I get a little confused, Apria said they would help me keep track of my supplies, however, there do not seem able to do that.

When I call I get transferred, to the wrong number, wrong person, transferred, hung up on, disconnected. I ask for complaint department and/or a manager, I'm told we don't have one, and/or my supervisors are not available. The people who answer the phones are excellent, however they have no power over the people above them, therefore they are unable to help me. Now, perhaps this will help!

My acct.

# 0583BMZ296 (once I was told that changed) ?????

I deal with Worcester, MA, Greenwood St.


All I have had is problems with this company the billing can't get their act together I have spent at least 5 hours trying to get it correct and ordering my supplies was a joke. I called 4 times for my order and never recieved it. Avoid the


5/4/15. They still suck at customer service.

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