Silverdale, Washington
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Several of the reasons why I dropped Apria:

1. Apria quoted around $250 to send out my malfunctioning c-pap machine for repair. I found another local medical equipment supplier who returned it to the manufacturer for repair at no charge to me.

2. Apria was going to charge $45 a month to loan me a c-pap machine while mine was being repaired. The other company loaned me one at no charge.

3. Twice in the seven years I’ve used Apria they’ve gotten my medical records mixed up with another patient. I do have a somewhat common name, but still . . .

4. Once they started billing me for services covered by insurance and it took several contacts before they were able to correct their records and procedures.

5. Once they misplaced my records, insisting I’d never done business with them, and it took some time and a few phone conversations before they were able to find them.

6. They changed the phone number for their Silverdale office and have yet (as of 27 June) to correct the information on their own web site. Indicates sloppy practices.

7. Several times the phone has rung for over two minutes before they answered.

8. I’ve been put on hold for 5 to 10 minutes more than once.

9. Recently I went into their Silverdale office since I couldn’t get through by phone and walked out after sitting there for 20 minutes without an acknowledgement of my existence, let alone information on how long I’d have to wait. I could hear other voices in the office, but none were called upon to see what I needed or to ask me to wait. The only other customer in the building was being helped at the counter.

10.The amount they charge Medicare for their equipment

is exorbitant. A web search reveals them to be heavy

supporters of Republican candidates and they are

fleecing the government/we taxpayers. Are their

practices the American values their party touts?

My only positive comment:

The c-pap technicians who’ve worked with me over these seven years have been topnotch --- respectful, efficient, competent.

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