Chicago, Illinois

I had to return CPAP equipment to the Local Merrillville Branch, all of a sudden no one knows where it is, they refuse to issue a refund to me or my insurance company and tell me it is just my "tuff luck"... if they had sent the correct equipment to start with the issue would have never arose and they are still hounding me for Copays.

I pray we can find another company to use as they are bot only dishonest, they are rude and could care less about the patient. Sad that we may have to use them anyway.

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I use Jencyn Medical for my CPAP supplies and they have great customer service. I would recommend them to anyone.


as a former home health resp ther. for a competeing company i bet they have sent the device to another customer already,but jacho/law requires them to track medical devices by model/serial # but they should have given/you got a reciept.

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