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My husband has sleep apnea and the only respiratory care company in our town was Apria. After providing his CPAP (at THEIR convenience, not ours - waited two weeks) we've had nothing but problems with them.

SO many phone calls asking for supplies. Numerous calls to give them our updated insurance info. Took six calls to get them to change our address. I called them today and told them that we want no further contact with them.

My husband would rather pay for his supplies out-of-pocket than deal with them any longer. I've contacted his physician to relay our problem, but of course, they're the only game in town around here.

Avoid Apria at all costs, if you can!

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Possibly the worst company I've ever used. Their phone tree is a nightmare.

In addition to being spectacularly overpriced, they are inflexible and incompetent. But other than that...

they are great.


Sorry . .


in summer of 2013 prior to being released from hospital, it was required that I have oxygen set up at my home. Apria took care of the issue within a couple of hours without any problems.


I totally agree with the previous complaint concerning Apria's lack of professionalism. First off they could not find my pulmonology doctor's oxygen requirements.

Once found two months later, they were extremely negligent with delivery of the portable canisters.

I was stuck in the house, tied to a 150lb concentrator and back-up canister, supposedly good for power failure with 28 hours of oxygen, well, we had an outage, and this big inconvenience lasted a meager 4 hours,tops. I could go on and on, the ultimate situation is their awful customer service department.....


when I got my CPAP machine I was told I'd have three copays and then own the machine. 15 months later I'm still being billed at the same rate, but for "maintenance".

What a ripoff. Can't even contact them to cancel service as their phones are down.


In the past two years Apria’s service has gone downhill. The drivers are not necessarily doing what is right but rather what is easiest.

When we call in there are often times when they are not willing to connect us to a supervisor to solve our problem with it wasn’t solved before. They’ve lied to us especially concerning delivery of products. We talked to a lawyer and she suggests documenting all requests and all items they promise to deliver and fail to do so. We were told by her to document dates, times, reasons and Apria employee names.

Also from now on when we call we will be recording the phone calls without them being aware of it. Should we decide to file a lawsuit we will post the name of the lawyer for any class action procedures.


class action law suit, sounds great! they have been putting me thru *** for years despite two insurance policies and a very sick child


My mother is very sick and her doctors office called in 02 order to apria, and that was at 3:30 pm mountain time on 2/13/13,as of 2:40pm mountain time on 2/14/13 she has yet to get a call or be set up with her 02!! her 02 sats are at 78% which is very low.

After several phone calls we were told different things by different CSR. I would not have my dog set up by this terrible company!! unfortunatley my mothers insurance only allows for apria to set it up! They dont care about patient care!!

and they need to work on thier CSR phone skills!!! Terrible customer service. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Just goes to show that big companies cant provide the service they say they can.

Its my greatest hope that they go out of business!!!! :(


Worst Customer Service ever...!!! I have been trying for weeks now to get a replacement mask and hoses.

Nothing but sheer incompetence...mistake after mistake...still no replacement parts. Considering getting the parts on my own...


Know someone who works for Apria. She says they over work their employees, expect 2 days worth of work in one.When people leave they do not replace them.

They just dump the work off on other enployees.

She told one manager that we are working very hard and he snapped back at her and said "you are going to have to learn to work smarter". In other words do more work in less time.


TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! company they have lied to my sick daddy for weeks...its the same thing every time.

He ran out of oxygen before they finaly got it correct. He ordered a shoulder carry oxygen 5 weeks ago and its still not in, when ask about it they said without laughing that the doctor ordered it but he did not order it with oxygen in it so they are sending an empty bottle....WHAT A *** COMPANY........LIE AFTER LIE AFTER lost a good customer cause we changed.

@Gary Lang Jr.

:eek If you are using oxygen and you are on medicare, check out I had Apria and hated all the equipment I had to cope with.

I found this and am so happy i only have a small back-up unit and a small shoulder carry unit that has a recharge battery that will plug in car or home to recharge.

Happy now to no longer have to deal with Apria. YEA!


:cry For the last 4 days I have been unable to get Apria to deliver or just let me know when I can pick up a nebulizer, spoke with my doctors office today and when i called all the receptionist said was they were working the orders I have been weezing sick for 4 days now and I already have 2 CPACs and a Helios oxy system and I still have to send a return response to the corp office about that found out that the unit they gave me was over 10 years old and will only hold the oxy for 4 hours I spoke to Helios and they said the unit needed servicing these units should hold for 10 hours and the idiots at the Apria branch actually said they were lying (helios) non of the units hold oxy that long, sorry different problem I just am at a loss and I would not usually allow anyone to treat me this way but we have so much equipment and I need the nebulizer. Can anyone help? Am I to understand that Corp Apria will not care if I call them?


I cannot adequately express how awful Apria is. In a year's dealing with them, all orders were wrong--wrong item, wrong product, wrong address.

Phone service was horrible. Noone cared. Then when my husband died I had to fight with them to get the equipment removed from my home. If they treat their employees well I would be absolutely shocked.

How can you treat incompetence well? I despise the company and will tell everyone I know to avoid them at all cost!


I would like to second that Aprea has terrible customer service . .

. Incredibly terrible.


I am on 24/7 oxygen and when I first received my oxygen (about one month ago).

I let them know I would be making a long distance trip by auto and was told 'just call when your ready and there will be no problem'. Well I called and was told that they need at least 2 weeks notice and do not have the equipment that I need.

Now I am having to drop them and go with another company that had the portable concentrators. I am totally done with Apria


Go to I did and you will love it.

I am on 24/7 also and can plug my small concentrator into the cars lighter and off I go. No problems.


New OSA patient looking into first CPAP. Aetna only pays for rental.

My in-network is 100% and Apria only game in Arizona other than REM. I am now scared to death of going to Apria and REM won't get my machine because they won't make enough on it compared to the lower model. Feeling lost.

It's a shame when consumers would rather choose to pay upwards of $1000 to avoid you rather than free with your company. This sucks.


I have never experienced worse customer service and follow through in my life.

Apria is the absolute worst company. It took me over 10 months and also around 40 phone calls to actually get a replacement mask.


I got my machine and masks from Praxair. Apria bought them out. So I called Apria first time for a new mask. Am told I have to get a new machine. Wouldn't tell me why. But, when I pressed and asked, 'why, other than you get more money for billing Medicare for a new machine than just a mask, do I need a new machine?'. Wouldn't answer me, but said I can get just the mask.

See, they somehow have the accts. flagged. When I got the machine, I wasn't on Medicare. Now, they see they can bill Medicare for a machine, so they tell me I have to get a new one. Can you say MEDICARE FRAUD?

It's been six months and I don't have the replacement mask yet.

I'm tempted to call the CPAP Care company I keep seeing commercials for.


:sigh they said there isnt portable machines.lying to me threatened me.and caused me to get lung infection that almost killed me.humidifyer was full of black mold when they gave it to me.i am sueing

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