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Documents available:

6/23/14, APRIA sales, service and rental agreement and received items authorized a $49.65 CHARGE,

6/24/14, APRIA charged $68.26 to credit card,

6/25/14, CUSTOMER orders APRIA to convert agreement to original sales agreement


6/27/14, APRIA bill samount due $68.27 showing no payments/credits that were received,

6/27/14, APRIA sales and rental agreement item return acknowledgement


6/23/14 Purchased prescribed medical device from APRIA. APRIA systematizes it as a rental. Document lists items received. Document list charge of items received and paid by charge at $49.65. 6/24/14 APRIA debits our account for $68.26 for the authorized $49.65 charge.

6/25/14 Customer/Patient orders APRIA to correct the rental error or items would be returned. APRIA does not reply.

6/26/14 Customer/Patient files complaint with Sacramento District Attorney's consumer complaint department which is waiting for further development in the matter.

6/27/14 APRIA bills us twice for the payment received on 6/24 indicating that no payment had been received. The first billing was for $68.26 and the second billing was for $68.27; the original bill for these items received was $49.65. 
All items that were received were returned to APRIA and the return is acknowledged by APRIA in enclosed document.

Due to the return of the medical device, APRIA requests a release of medical liability for receipt of items.

June 26, 2013 complaint issued against Apria Health Care, 1450 Expo Parkway, 95815.

My doctor ordered a CPAP unit for my wife and that order went to APRIA. This device provider told us not to contact our insurance about device coverage and that this device provider was to contact my insurance company to verify that the device was a covered expense. It appears that they did not do that.

When I received the medical device it was on a rental basis and that contract was so convoluted that it was impossible to determine what expenses were to be billed.

I was told that the insurance company required the device to be rented until paid for and that the insurance company required its use to be monitored by a modem that would transmit the usage data to the insurance company for compliance.

I was told that I was to use this device every day for 90 days continuous basis or the device would not be paid for by the insurance company and that I would have to pay the full cost which was an undefined amount.

I called my insurance company (which I was told not to by the device provider). I found out APRIA didn't want me to contact my insurance company. None of the three items above were true.

My insurance informed me that:

They DO NOT pay for rental of equipment, they only pay for outright purchases.

They do not require the equipment to be used as I was instructed above.

They do not monitor the equipment usage.

Coverage is not contingent on compliance with usage as instructed.

My insurance company then called the device provider for an explanation of the rental requirement which was not at all a requirement. Where the device provider had told me that the insurance company required a rental, the device provider told the insurance company a different story - that the doctor had ordered it to be rented which also was not true. I found this out when my insurance company called me back.

I then called my doctor to find out how the order was placed, more specifically whether it was specified to be rented or purchased. The doctor told me that it was not specified either way, that it was just ordered.

I then called the device provider to instruct then to convert the rental order to a purchase order. They refused unless the insurance company called them and told them to. I then told them that I wanted the order converted to a purchase and billed to the insurance as such. They told me that they would convert it to a purchase but that they would not bill the insurance for the purchase. They told me that I would have to pay for the equipment independent of the insurance company and that cost would be over $1,000. That figure never showed up on the costing of the rental agreement not even under costs if 'compliance' were not met and I would be responsible for the undefined amount. When I first tried to determine what costs were and were to be charged, the device provider was vague and extremely reluctant to provide the information.

We had an appointment to receive the machine for 1pm on the pickup day. The appointment time was to be e-mailed to me by the device provider. IT WAS NOT. When I tried to get the cost information before I committed they told me that they would have to cancel the 1pm appointment and that it would be given to another customer and I would have to call back to get a reschedule. When I did call back they gave me a 1:30pm appointment. When I got there at 1:25pm they marked my appointment as a no show and wanted me to return home 50 miles away and return another day because they apparently didn't want to take the time to e-mail the appointment.

Explanation as I see it:

If the device provider were to rent to own the equipment they would circumvent the contracted 'agreed upon' preferred provider price readjustment and receive instead the full price, a price that was alluded to above. This is why they refused to bill the insurance for a purchase and told me that I would have to pay the full amount.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Cpap Machine Rental.

Monetary Loss: $68.

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