Natchitoches, Louisiana

For years while dealing with local Apria representatives, I had little or no problems. Only problems I have experienced in 10 years is dealing with headquarters or central ordering department, where they don't followup or don't care about the customer.

Before August, 2014, delivery of cath kits took approx 3 to 5 days (and sometimes 2 days) and if I had a problem, it was handled by the local representative. Now, I am dealing with the central ordering center where there seems to be no concern about the customer's needs and service. It now takes over 7 days to get the same kits I use to get in 3 days. The last issue is: I placed and order on 1/5/15 and was told the normal delivery time is approx.

7-10 days. Today is 1/16/15 and the order has not been delivered. I called this morning and found out that the order had not even been processed yet, due to Apria not confirming insurance coverage. My bills are sent to the State of Louisiana, not an insurance company and they have paid for over 10 years.

Neither the state nor myself had been notified of the delay and now my needs constitute an emergency delivery. I talked with the representative at Apria and she was going to look into the problem but said that the earliest delivery would be Monday, Jan 19th. This is totally unacceptable. Apria has a major problem.

It is called communication and service of the patients first, and not worrying about insurance companies for established customers..

I talked with the representative again and she said there is nothing she can do until payment is verified. Why can't Apria just send me the products necessary and bill the state since that has been what has happened for the last 10 years? Why the changes at Apria?

Why does it take so long at the central office to get things done when the local representatives can do the same job and more in half the time?

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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