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I am taking a trip with my family and called Apria to have oxygen equipment delivered to my destination which They have done for me many times in the past. I was told as of April 1st 2015 i will have to pay for this service and my charge would be $350.00 for the 4 days.

I am 68 years old and on Social Security which I am sure many or most of there customers are on SS. Now I will have to cancel my plans or have someone pay this fee which will be a burden on them.

My medical insurance which is medicare and Kaiser have a contract with them so I would have to change insurance in order to go to another company. Apria has always had bad service and now this.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I agree and there servce stinks to. The drivers are great but it is the office staff and I would fire all of them.

They closed the branch in Golden. The problem I have is with the equipment. I have a pulse air on liquid oxygen.

Now they are trying to make you take a concentrater and fill your own tanks. If you arehaving trouble getting around, its a problem.

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