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I have been trying to resolve an issue with Apria for four years. I have two insurance carriers and the problem started when I received an invoice because they had only submitted the claim to one of my carriers instead of claims to both. Long story short, since then, I have a file over an inch thick just of collection notices. Rather than add (an incorrect) balance they submit each charge to the same collection agency.There are dozens of...
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I went to the Dr w/o oxygen and used my rescue inhaler and he told me he did not order those , that Apria took it onto themselves. He redid the order..then on 9/26/ after going to the dr. on the 8th they deliver the portable unit...Guess what? It lasts less than 2 hours. The car charger does not fit into the cigarette lighter. I had 11 minutes left to get home and unload the car.. How are you supposed to drive to Florida with that unit? ...
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  • When it was local i had no problems
Delivery of oxygen tanks by Apria was not consistent for us. When calling customer service, it took me over 30 min to get someone. This happened three times for the same problem. If you call, get ready to hear excuses like we got, but our problems was not solved. Consider any other oxygen supply company if your family member depends on oxygen for their health. The minimum requirement is 100 words for this review which is more than is necessary....
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