Buffalo, Texas
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I switched from Aerocare to Apria to save on my monthly co-payments.

"You get,what you pay for"

I told my doctor,i would like to have a battery operated portable oxygen concentrator to avoid having to carry heavy bottles around. (I am out in the sticks of Texas...takes an hour to get to the Mall) He wrote a prescription i called Apria,faxed a copy so they could order the unit and i would either mail the original or the Technician could pick it up.

I was told,that i can not have one permanently. .."for travel purposes only"

I got mad, my insurance had no problem of me getting one,i had called them prior to getting the prescription.

As if Apria has the right to tell patients, what when and where!!!! My husband served 25+ years activr duty so that we would have a good insurance coverage.....and Apria wants to play eith my health!!!!

The other yhing i don't like about them....

You get a call at 9 am,informing you of a "service appointment " that very same day.

Last time i checked...i make my plans not some service provider!!!!!

If i had another choice around...it would not be Apria!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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