Willimantic, Connecticut

Apria is the WORST company to work for. They pay you little and demand you due the work of five people.

They pay you salary so only 40 hours you are paid for. The managers all the way up are liars and will do anything to make your life *** BUT only if you do your job well. If you gossip and kiss *** then they will give you whatever you want. It is totally an unfair company and the leadership is known to sleep with and marry staff members.

The patients are the ones that suffer the most because they give out used equipment and charge insurance companys as if their new, they have employees who are on drugs visiting patients to do delivers or actually setting patients up. This company was the worst experience of my life!!!!!!!!!

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I am extremely unhappy working for this company. You are graded on your QA and QM and you have to pass it, which does relate to customer service, but to me it's more about collecting than actually taking care of the customer/pt needs.

The call time is supposed to be only 6 minutes, so you can take more calls and collect more momey. We are supposed to ask for RCC's on every call, and if that insurance messes up paying in anyway it can be billed to that cc. You have to meet your monthly goals, and if you don't they threaten to put you into "corrective action" for a year, which can lead up to termination. It is "churn and burn." There is multi multitasking not just in my department, but others as well, which leads to billing errors, and stress for not only the employees, but more so for these sick patients that need this equipment who in my opnion are vulnerable.

Yes their training SUCKS, and yes the managers want to make you feel bad as an employee all the time because they have those greedy *** corporate *** breathing hot down their neck. It's ridiculous. And YES they do play Mickey Mouse games!! And yes there is no room for humanity in that company...they don't care if your kid is sick, or if you are having a not so good day...all they care about is collections, and until I can find another job I will continue to provide customer service as my main focus, and not the focus of the company's greediness...corporate ***!

I realize money has to be made, but it should not be such the focus as customer service should be...really unnerves me. I will not become a machine for them, and I am not a machine. I so can't wait to get outta this job!

Oh and it's more than one branch...add the call centers in there with several branches, but I do think the call centers are the worst! :( :cry


Are you kidding one branch?. every branch is the same from California, Pennsylvania, New York, just look at the stats?.

The multi- tasking is not working.You cant do all these jobs at one time and do them well. Its hilarious what they expect and then they wonder why there are errors in the work and why people are calling . This company is under the radar now its companies like these that start the ball rolling for the Federal and State to start regulating. And they should their training sucks oh by the way they have no training period.

management love making you feel bad all the time.

I am so happy to be gone from that *** hole so better off. Just hearing their name makes me cringe such an unhappy experience.


If I could've worked ANYWHERE in the compnay but the call center in Ohio, I would never have left. I enjoyed the vac/sick/personal time that I received.

No other employer I've worked for ever offered the benefits that Apria does. However, that being said, in the call center, you are expected to act like a machine. Agents are judged on several criteria including the TONE OF THEIR VOICE! There's 5 questions that have to be asked on EVERY call and if you don't ask, then you get a "fail." More than 1 fail and you get a verbal warning, therefore excluding the agent from any bonuses or promotions for a yr.

There's no room to be human and make a mistake, or have a bad day, or have a kid that's sick. And you are pushed to make certain goals. If you don't make the goal, then you are treated as a substandand employee and made to feel worthless. If you're in management, then you play by a different set of rules.

1 supervisor in the Ohio call center has broken so many HIPPA rules, it's disgusting. However, she's BFFs with the billing center manager, so she'll never be held accountable. If this supervisor's daughter calls, we were expected to drop everything and find this supervisor, but we were not allowed to even have our cell phones near us - even in the event of an emergency with our kids. And there's really no way for anyone to get in touch with us inside while we are on the clock.

I really hope the VP of Vendor Services sees this post or at least someone at the top of the food chain sees it and does something about an overzealous, backstabbing, vindictive, manipulative control freak who claims to be the best supervisor the call center has had since its inception 5 or 6 years ago. And while he's at it, take a look at the turn over rate in that place.

Make a few calls to some former employees and get their take on why they left. Eyes need to be opened.


First the company works employees long hours with no understanding the needs of their employees. Then they suddenly cut all overtime and demand that employees leave for the week once they reach 40 hours.

While they play all these mickey mouse games with their employees their customers continue to suffer. If you are a patient and need medical equipment this is not the company to get it from as they will do everything but provide quality customer service.


I am wondering if they last person to comment was part of the management team. I think Apria Healthcare is unethical.

They lie to patients, telling them that their card will be charged $42 per month and then take out $384. Selling Used Equipment as New Equipment then billing Insurance Companies is FRAUD.

I hope, with all the negative comments on PissedConsumer that there will be some investigation of April Healthcare. All these people don't lie.


I agree with anonymous 100%. Terrible company, gossipy and sneaky snakes.

Will do anything dirty to get what they want. You work your butt off and to get what, yelled at for doing an excellent job. 'Churn and burn' is their secret manager modo, I've heard them say it. And like 90% of the people I worked with were sleeping with other people in the company (cheating on their signifcant others) and taking advantage of their new found power of sleeping with the boss.

Dirty, terrible, unethical company. That is just how they treat their employees, I don't even want to start on the patients they serve.


I have worked there over fifteen years and I find it a very reputable employer who regards their patients with great respect . I'm very sorry your experience was bad however, I don't believe you can dog on the entire company with one experience.

One branch out of over 500 does not make your reflection very fair. Hope your next job is better from the sounds of it your no longer employed.

@Apria employee

You have got to be kidding me, Apria has got to be the WORST company. They do not care about their Patients and it makes me sick and embarassed that I have to say that I work for this place. If I didnt have a family to take care of I would have been gone a long time ago.

@Apria employee

You must be the branch manager.

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