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Every single transaction I've had with this company has been horrible.

For the last one, which is still waiting to get sorted out eight months later, I paid for medical supplies, then my insurance made the same payment, and APRIA claima they have no record of either payment and continue to attempt to bill me and threaten to send it to collections.

They've been paid twice and they want paid a third time.

They make a regular practice of charging the patient the full amount, then charging the insurance company, and then taking their sweet time to issue a refund.

They are dishonest, disorganized, and rude.

I will never do business with APRIA again, they are terrible. Avoid at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Apria Cons: Deceptive pricing.

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To Whom It May Concern: Highly Upset!!!!! I have been an Apria customer for a while.

Now, I am being billed for supplies I've paid for. The strap for my CPAP machine has not been replaced in over a year and when supplies are sent it's the wrong equipment. Apria keeps sending me a bill for the amount I paid in Dec.2018. I was asked to send the check stub that shows the check was cashed by Apria.

This is not a company to deal with they don't understand and they don't know how to count.

This company needs to be investigated and shut down. IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!


You are correct, Apria functions like a scam operator. They bill me direct instead of my Medicare, when I get them on the phone every time, they say that my world-class clinic, University of Texas M.

D. Anderson no less, has not sent them the documents that are needed to submit for Medicare. This is the scam, my Clinic has sent it via fax and via mail including a duplicate mailing to me, and these jerks are still saying they never received. Now, they have slammed my credit card again, even after I had them blocked last year for doing this same thing.

I could kill Chase Visa, who admitted they screwed up, that I indeed had a block in place. Apria has slammed bank accounts for poor people who could not buy groceries or medicines because Apria wants your money right away, and once they slam your bank account or credit card, they then process it through Medicare or your private insurance so they get paid twice!! The recourse is to send a letter with copies of your invoices to your Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, and their head office Administrators, can get this online.

Then look for a Class Action lawsuit online and join it, or start one. I hate this company,

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