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Been fighting with them about a yr now , they told my insurance would pay for cpap machine , which it didnt , so they sent me a from for help . filled it out sent it in they lost it , so they sent another and i sent it in ,they said they didnt recieve it , now they are billing monthly and i have called at least 6 or 7 times for them to pick up machine as of today they are still not doing what i asked. super pissed, what else am i to do , dont have the money for it and now they are ruin my credit....

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dealing with Apria Healthcare has been a complete NIGHTMARE!!! they did the same thing to me about never picking my machine up, I have talked to countless billing departments, the local branch, and dudes from India...and NOTHING, many times, they put me on hold and hang up on me.

THIS company is AWFUL!!!! I have never in my entire life disliked a company as much as these clowns!


that is not true - They promised to pick up my machine after numerous calls but never did. My family doctor never ordered the machine so that leaves me where?

they say they need a doctor release in order to remove it but my doctor says they never ordered it and won't provide it. They delivered the machine to a family member while I was at work - the family member was so scared because they were asking if I was still in the hospital then insisting I needed this..

I got a small cpap machine from my doctor after a sleep study....but this full size one? no one can tell me who ordered it or how I get rid of it!


Apria lied to not only me but to my doctors office as well. we were told a cpapmachine would be available upon receipt of a prescription and sleep study.It has been 3 weeks now that i have had little sleep.

I gave up, now dealing with nationwide medical much better. Apria= disrespectful, ignorant, uncaring, slimy, thinks their #@&*% doesn't stink.


they wont pick it up due to it being a liability to the company all you have to do is call ur doctor and ask for a d/c order they will fax em and will pick it

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