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My billing is wrong and no one will fix it. My equipment hasn't been checked in 2 years. They tell me they are coming but never do. Their automated phone calls are annoying as no human ever answers you. Calling them is a waste of time...either the lines are "down" or no one answers. And they do not answer email complaints.

Now they lost the sleep study I had done.

When lost they told me I had never done it. I had my doctor call and they told him they would redo. They phoned on Wed. and made an appt. to come out on Fri. On Thurs. someone called to schedule the study and did not believe it when told it was scheduled already. We were told she would check into it. She never called back. On Fri. another person called at 6 p.m. to schedule the study. I told him the gentleman never showed up today as promised. He told me that was the Dept. Head and he doesn't come out.

I have shortened this complaint but believe me, I am totally frustrated with their lack of customer care, irresponsible handling of paperwork whether its testing or billing and totally unprofessional behavior. If it weren't for the insurance, I'd dump this company in a heartbeat.

If you can avoid dealing with them, I advise you do. Their is no reason to be treated this way when we are paying them for a service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

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I could not agree with you more. I used them for 3 different things while my husband was ill (tube feeding supplies, wound vac and walker/wheel chair).

I wanted the walker for home since at the hospital he had one he could use. Well in order to charge medicare more, they delivered to the hospital a month in advance. My husband passed away and I wanted them to pick up the tube feeding cans that had not been opened and reimburse medicare. They would not do it.

I called medicare and they don't care either. :-(

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