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I have to use a CPAP machine and order my mask supplies through Apria out here in the Bay Area. After 3 months and 4 phone calls with all their guarantees to get me my mask, nothing has arrived.

Called them today and they said they just placed the order yesterday....Last time I called them was 3 weeks ago...took them 3 weeks to place an order? No problem with payment as I have health insurance to cover this. What's up? Something is very wrong with that company.

Talked to a manager 2 times too...still no good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Health Insurance.

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I worked for them for 4 months, worked my tail off! At the end of my probation period they let my go!

I did everything they asked of me but it was never enough!

They use a n ancient computer program for their billing and ordering! I will miss the workers, but not any of the manangement!


i use to be employed with them and i understand what you feel i quit because of the way they treat their customers i quit when they were going to adopt the idea of not accepting cash or checks only credit cards which means a lot of people would have been turned away from getting care the last i heard they were going to set that idea in motion so things are only going to get more difficult at apria your a number not a person .


I will definately check out another equipment provider....they aren't the only game in town and on the web...all that's needed is your doctor to write a script.


I can't believe how long I put up with Apria's inefficiency and complete lack of customer service - but one day I woke up and realized that there are other equipment providers out there. It was a bit of a hassle to make the change, but I can actually reach a live person on the phone at the new company - it's a miracle!!

I think that when you or someone you care for has medical issues, you are often exhausted and end up taking the path of least resistance; that's likely why it took me so long to see the light. Don't even get me started on Apria's billing procedures - at least they are consistent in their incompetence!


Yup! Apparently Apria does not know the meaning of Customer Service.

I understand that there are logistics issues with getting equipment delivered and picked up but I'm not sure that they understand that they are dealing with people who either have health issues themselves or have ill family members. I think that if the 6 different people I spoke with at Apria had treated me with respect and explained things to me I would have understood. They just need to have a heart and put themselves in our shoes.

In the future, if given a choice, I will definitely try to avoid dealing with Apria.


I have had nothing but problems with Apria! I am on disability and a very fixed income.

I had a CPAP machine from previous insurance but a better, smaller one came out. The RT told me to get it that the insurance would cover it. I was going to check with my insurance but unfortunately I trusted them.

The latest bill I received was today $1360.00

and a previous $650.00. This is one expensive CPAP and I have been getting the run around for months.


I have had the worst time trying to get anything accomplished through APRIA here in Everett, WA. What a joke. They are completely unprofessional.

My appointment to pick up my CPAP they had no large maks in stock, so I had to reschedule. Next time I came they still didn't have the masks in. They never bothered calling either times to keep me from wasting my time and money. While I was there the receptionist was talking to apparently her boyfriend about "angry sex" while I waited to be helped.

When I got my machine home I found that they forgot to give me a hose. I asked if they could mail it, they said I had to come back and sign for it!

There are more little horror stories that go along with my experiences there, but those have rekindled my anger enough already.

It took me three trips to this place to finally get my CPAP machine.

If I had another choice through my insurance, I would never go back to this "house of horrors".

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