Longmont, Colorado
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Apria solicited me and told me that my oxygen supplier would no longer be in network with my medicare supplemental insurance company. They told me as of June I may be responsible for all cost if I did not change to them.

They called me last thurs to let me know they were 30 mins away and I informed them I was leaving town right then, I then got another call from a different guy sayiing he too was on his way over. I told him that I was not going to be home. They never called to schedule a time...ever...Wihen they showed up the following monday I decided to call my current provider and found out they are in network with my insurance and I told the guy to leave my house. Then today I get a hose that I never ordered for my cpap machine.

I called them and they said my Dr ordered it. Ha! I have never seen the Dr they said ordered it and he is a sleep study specialist that read my sleep study 6 yrs ago. How would know if I needed a new hose or not?

They are such liars and scams..

Beware! Staying with my old provider for all things still and glad after reading other posts about them.

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It's illegal for a medical supplier to make unsolicited telephone calls to people with Medicare. The exceptions are if you have given written consent to have the supplier call you, the call is about an item the supplier already provided to you, or the supplier has delivered equipment to you in the previous 15 months. Also, a supplier may call you to confirm delivery and billing information for a new item if you know that your doctor is contacting the supplier on your behalf.

• Suppliers cannot get around the phone call ban by hiring an independent marketing firm. Medicare will not pay claims from suppliers who make unsolicited, illegal telephone calls to Medicare beneficiaries.

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