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Everything you read on here about Apria is true. They are rude uncaring people especially the people in the offices.

I had so many bad experiences and threats to take my oxygen because of insurance mishaps. It was horrible. They ran my blood pressure up. I am so grateful for Ingen who I have now.

These people talk to you in terrible tones. The customer service is horrible. The supervisors are worse. They told me no we cant refill your oxygen you will have to come and get a refill.

This was a nightmare for me and my family.

I would wait up for hours waiting for them to deliver oxygen. OMG they were crazy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you choose prefilled tanks Apria only delivers 24 tanks every 8 weeks unless pt is a high liter flow pt then it is the branches decision to make adjustments. If you run out before the next delivery you will need to visit your local branch to pu more tanks.

Now to avoid having to store 24 or more tanks in your home Apria would rather you accept our Homefill System.

With this you are in control of your oxygen by being able to fill your own tanks and you will never run out. Very simple procedure.

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