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Rented portable oxygen concentrator and six batteries from Apria for a trip to see relatives. Had to turn in equipment to closest Apria office until my return home.

On a previous trip one battery had not been recharged. This time I called 2 weeks in advance to remind them when I would be leaving and to please make sure all batteries were fully charged for my return trip. Two days prior, called again and was assured all batteries had been charged and ready for pick-up. When I went to pick up equipment I had clerk show me each battery and only one was fully charged others were all less than half charged and one had one green light.

So instead of being able to go and visit my relatives before leaving I was stuck charging batteries. Luckily my plane was leaving early in the morning and I had to pick up the portable the day before. The office was fairly close to where I was staying and had the return trip been late in the day I would have picked it up on the way to the airport as I was assured they were ready. Talk about mad This equipment cost me more than the airfare and should have been handled properly.

Airlines are very strict about these things. I complained to my home office upon my return and received a letter of regret but they had all the details wrong.

I feel I should not have been charged for the batteries for the return trip. Just saying.

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the first thing i have to say is do you always plan your trips 2 weeks in advance or do you plan them months in advance. dont down a company if you didnt plan ahead and secondly i know that if you use that program for travel it is a private fee program as it is with a majority of companies for portable concentrater if you rented it the whole time then the cost is more, so taking it into the location saves you money from your pocket if it is not being used during your visit.

secondly apria does provide equipment for the patients while they are at the other vacation spots at no charge to the customer to use in their locations. if you were soooo concerned about your batteries being charged you could have asked the office manager to let you take them with you and charge them yourself.

please dont complain about something when a majority of your services are for free. seems to me you dwell on the negative

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