Coffeyville, Kansas

I'm sick and tired of people *** and moaning about certain Apria companies. Certain people need to realize that you are NOT the only patients they have!

Many, many elderly patients and infants alike have had very possitive health care from Apria. The delivery people work long hours, sometimes well into the night and miss family time to make sure you get the best they can give, even at 2 a.m.!! If you want to *** about somebody, *** about the managment. They are the ones who lie and make things impossible.

The workers only do as they are told.

It's unfair to them to ask them to put thier lives on hold for you, then complain about them non-stop. Grow up, and learn to appreciate the help they are willing to give.

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Funny how you will sit there and *** and moan about everything. Shame on you for thinking that anyone owes fact if you saw the reimbursement that your insurance company (often times the most vocal people are on free healthcare, weird?) actually offers. Ever think that you should perhaps stop blaming the world for your misfortunes?


okay, so your spouse works for Apria...the company still sucks and is filled with idiots


Oh who gives a ***? Move the *** on and get over it already!


@phillip so true these people are paid well in overtime to stay and deal most of them are not even trained or have no idea of the equipment a trach patient needs . they are a factory with boiler room mentality.

A cheap company making millions but would rather keep most of it as "revenue" and I wish there were more companies that sold medical equipment.

these people are disgusting old used equipment horrible management. If your doctor knows of another place to get equipment get it and run from apria


I just want to say that I have worked at Apria for 3 years now and we work hard for our Patients. The main thing people have to know is # 1 its not Apria that sets the rules its your ins company that is the issue. For example Trach patients need at lease 4 suction kits and the insuurance will only pay for 1 so We give the other 3 at no charge this is just one of the items there are many things that we just give to the patients and I have worked there long enough that they know me by name and i know them by name the Patients to me are not just a number never have been Trust me that we do everything in our power to help our patients in the fullest now when it does come to the billing center it is a bunch of BS and we have spoke out to the office about this and they are working on this to get the issues fixed please remember that just because there are a few bad apples in the bunch doesn't mean that the HOLE bunch is bad I LOVE our branch and my patients


I am a parent of one of those kids that use apria. Have you forgotten that you or those that work at 2am and those that spend time away from their family do it for pay.

They have a choice to stay home if they choose so don't act like they are doing us a favor. The people we deal with are the worst because they know we don't always have a choice in where we get our medical supplies.

So you can gwet off your high horse and talk about truth and not your fairy tales. :(

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