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Try Lincare for all who are unhappy with Apria. I got them for my 85 y/o mother and they are fantastic with everything.

They know what they are doing and do not make billing errors. They also bill medicare or your insurance company directly so there is no charge for necessary items.

Original review posted by user Aug 04, 2011

If I could give Apria HeathCare a zero, I would do so for the following reasons:

1. I paid Apria in good faith for services provided, and they never billed my insurance company. It took me 4 months to get them to do so which happened about 4 years ago. 2. Currently, they cannot keep track of payments received and it took over 1 month for my check to clear after payment of a bill. Meanwhile, no one at Apria could trace this check. 3. They double bill you, so scrutinize your bills carefully. 4. When I asked for corporate headquarters (3 times) they gave me a number that was constantly busy and then disconnected me. 5. When I called the local office 6 times to be transferred to the manager, I was transferred only to find I was disconnected as I was with corporate headquarters. 6. They still have not gotten my billing correct after 3 months. 7. For my new machine, I still have not received an insurance statement and I told them that I refuse to pay any bills until they do so. 8. They want a credit card number but DO NOT give them one. You will find debits on your card due to their negligence in billing the insurance company.

I have over 3 pages of documentation dealing with Apria, and this is just a sample.

My advice to you is not to deal with Apria. The do not have a clue as to what they are doing, and I am considering formal litigation along with complaints to the State of Illinois and the Better Business Bureau. If you still choose to use Apria, do not say that you were not warned.

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I'm still fighting Apria over incorrect billing more than a year after the fact, even after doing a statement by statement comparison of what's been billed to my insurance and what they're charging. They're using a completely different math than anyone else and their bills are deliberately vague.

The kicker is my sleep doc's office does not normally do business with them because they've seen so many problems with them, but the company I was referred to to get my CPAP apparently stopped taking my insurance and referred me there. Because I never had to deal with durable medical equipment before I had no idea how FUBARd it could get.


Apria, my son was ordered to have a light therepay machine when he came home from the hospital as a newborn. Apria timly provided this machine (which under federal law requires a perscription, which my sone had). Apria said when they delivered the machine they are quick at getting the equipment to us but no so much when picking it up but the charges stop when the Doctor DC the order. well doc DC the order the next day. Apria did not come to pick up the machine. They continue to bill my insurance with no contact with me. (my out of pocket was met so i never even knew this billing was occuring until they attempted to bill me after the insurance plan year renewed). I attempted several times to contact Apria to pick up their machine however they gave me some wierd billing number who was allways busy or closed. I finially got ahold of Apria and told them to immedialy get their machine and to cease their billing and refund my insurance the payments they have received from them. After being trasfered to a local rep who was incredibly rude she said they would get the machine etc. I tried to explain to her the situation and let her know she needs to let her people know about it. She refused to hear it. She wanted to again transfer me to some billing people or something like that. I told her I would not be put on hold and waste more of my time to correct their problem. They told me the doc never dc the order. I contacted the doc and they said they did dc the order and have confirmation from apria.

They finally did come pick up the machine. but now the bottom line is my insurance has been scammed our of hundreds of dollars. Apria now is harrassing me daily on the phone and sending bills months after the fact. Apria administered this machine to us without a perscription by not picking it up when docs order was dc.

Looking at a state or possibly federal suite against them if they do not go away!!!


Apria is a nightmare to deal with in every respect: providing proper supplies timely and billing issues. It is a joke to attempt to communicate with any of the numerous so-called representatives I have spoken with - no one knows what they are doing.

I have submitted my insurance information numerous times and still no billing results. I have given up attempting to receive new supplies and have had to accept the current supplies which are substandard.

Apria is the worst company I have ever attempted to deal with and unfortunately they are the only supplier in my area. Apria is a joke.


Been "trying to deal" with Apria for @ 3 yrs. I don't know how they continue to operate as they do.

I've written Blackstone & Apria CEO's + manager of local office asking for letter stating what equipment I needed to return as we are no longer using their equipment [bought our own just to get our from under Apria]. Local office called & said "keep everything, you owe us nothing". We've gone thru this letter writing & telling us to keep equipment before, & they continue to bill us & Aetna Medicare. We've contacted Aetna & they seem to go along with Apria.

No wonder our government health care is in the "red". They give nothing in writing for the consumer for protection against their fraudulent charges.


Ed S

Get rid of Apria. Their corporate headquarters doesn't care either.

Ed S

My visit with Apria was 4/29/11 and they still have not sent me a correct bill. The review above was written on another site 1 month ago. :(

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