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I received a cpap machine with wonderful service from my local sub contractor. They assured me the insurance company okayed the purchase.

Five months later, I no longer have that insurance and Apria is billing me. After several months of not being able to communicate in person with anyone it was discovered that Apria was trying to bill a previous insurance account and of course they were rejecting this. One year later I finally got Apria on the phone with the insurance company who explained the problem and all seemed to be resolved. Now TWO years later I received a notice that Apria has now sent my bill to collections.

WHAT???!!! They are not playing fair. Now (even though this is definitely the billing department of Apria's problem) I'm being effected on my credit rating that I have worked very very hard for.

I hate this company. Must find an alternative!!!

Monetary Loss: $782.

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I was mad enough that I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Sure enough two weeks later I got a very nice call from Apria saying they were NOW submitting it to my insurance so I can get reimbursed from the collection agency.

I'll believe it when I see it. I'll keep you updated.


I totally agree with your comment! I have a daughter who has a disability, she has the use of a wheelchair that was from Apria, (wrong choice for a company, NEVER AGAIN will I use Apria!!!) At the time of getting the wheelchair she was covered by 3 insurances, Medicare, Medicaid and one from my employer.

I had to call NUMEROUS times to keep reiterating the insurance information to Apria. Somehow it never gets taken care of. I was always assured "it'll be taken care of, don't worry about it" YEAH RIGHT!!! Don't believe them when they say that.

Two years later, there's a letter from a collections company!! Collections company says the insurance won't pay it because there is only a certain time span to pay insurance claims.

So why didn't Apria send it to the insurance on time??? Why can't companies be held responsible to take care of these things in a timely manner?

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