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After using Apria for years for CPAP supplies, our insurance changed at the beginning of 2014. For the first order of supplies for 2014, I indicated to the automated system that I have new insurance information. I was contacted by a representative who took all my new insurance information.

I specifically stated I really only needed the head straps but was told a whole mask kit was the only way the new straps would be able to be sent. No other supplies were needed. I was told my total would be (after he'd checked all insurance information and verified coverage) $14.80.

I agreed to that total and asked how he wanted to handle payment. He said they could send a bill or I could give a credit card. As there's been a rash of credit card numbers stolen recently, I asked if the information would be stored. Since it would be, I asked him to send me a bill.

I haven't received the bill but the EOB from my insurance company came in showing Apria billed them $1093 for the mask. I called Apria about it and was told the insurance company makes them bill at the highest retail cost, then negotiate it down. My portion is now $147.97.

As the mask has been opened, Apria will not accept a return, but the negotiated pricing is 10 times what I was told I would be billed. The woman I spoke to today acknowledged that their notes show the $14.80 quoted but she said that should just be my copay even though they already acknowledged they verified insurance when I was quoted $14.80 as my cost.

If I had been told the true final price up front, I would have shopped this around, as I can find just the part I needed for $31 on Amazon.

Monetary Loss: $133.

  • deceptive billing practices
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Hi, here in Washington State.

We all need to ban together and file a class action lawsuit against these people!

They illegally billed us since they billed our insurance company.

You can find more complaints on Facebook pages.

Has anyone had any success with these people?


I called for the strap because the plastic piece that held the two straps together broke. They tried to charge me some higher price and I told them I just needed a new strap l, not the whole piece.

They told me it would be $14.80. I told them forget it, I'll make a new piece with a paper clip. They're now trying to charge me $650.

For WHAT? For not ordering?


Please join our class action lawsuit by contacting lawmomma@outlook.com. This abuse must be stopped. Consider yourself lucky that you're not permanently impacted by Apria's lack of business acumen or for that matter, moral barometer..........

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