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Since Sept. 2014 Apria has billed me 2 times every month and when you call they say they can't see the billing on their system.

I had to go so far as getting the fraud division of my bank to put a stop on any more automatic payment made to Apria, Apria would not stop payments on there own after numerous requests by me. Their people are either *** or are not trained to handle the problems they have to face day to day.

IF you don't have to don't deal with Apria, DON'T !!!!!! BAD BAD company and not honest.

Reason of review: Billing.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Apria Billing department are transferred to this Asian sound from Philippines . I’m surprised this guy talked to my husband rude, and willing to argue then he says the supervisor is busy can’t talked to us. I don’t know how this people handled by they superior .


We knew the ascent it’s filipino guy talked to my husband rude, I hope they should polite and he lied he’s supervisor can’t talk to us .he never says apology. He can’t update the information and tell him what we want.

Until i found out I called next representative , helping me and just renew the information of insurance . Well it’s company business , hope this Filipino representative will give him update training for etiquette or manner handling customers in situation .


They are HORRIBLE. I got charged full price twice for a machine.

Took me 6 months to get my money back.

I hate ordering supplies because they always charge me more than what my insurance says I owe. They SUCK.


I am having the same problem as the other poster, they withdrew funds from my bank via my ATM card. They were not authorized to do that.

My monthly bill was $39.54 after insurance pays. This time they told me my insurance wouldn't pay, they deducted $158.13 from my checking account, leaving me $5.00 for the next week.

They used to be good until they went corporate, I cancelled them today. Now I have to fight them to get my money back.


I was an Apria customer but became dissatisfied and switched to a small local company. I paid all my debt to Apria....

or so I thought!

I called Apria in early March placing an order which arrived 3 weeks late. They had unbelievably taken me off the automatic delivery calendar.

Today, April 13, I received my first bill. Not only was it stamped in red ink Past Due, avoid collection but the very first item on the billing list read Previous Balance for over $60. Next line, adjustment 2/12.

After comes supplies I ordered 3/12.

Does this make any sense? How can there be a previous balance?

I will contact billing tomorrow for explanation.

I am beginning to recall why I left Apria.


Apria billing is the worst!!!!!!The people who work in the call center are rude and never get back to you. I have emailed the billing department about problems with their billing and didn't hear from them.

They don't follow up. They put you in collections when the problem is theirs and not my fault. They can't seem to get the secondary insurance to pay because they do not send the right codes. I had to call my secondary insurance and they paid me and I had to pay them.

Now I am doing their job. Very frustrating!!!!!

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