Washington Township, Michigan
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I have Humana-Medicare Ins. and in the last quarter of last year they notified everyone that they were dropping Lincare Oxygen Services and recommended to all their clients they needed to go elsewhere for services.

I went to Apria Healthcare. They delivered all the needed equipment and supplies. About 5 days later Lincare picked up their equipment and said sorry for the inconvenience. The driver asked who I got and I said Apria.

He said watch out they will ***. He also said that the Vice President of Lincare was working with Humana and all will be resolved in a few days. Early Monday of the following week, Humana called and an agreement was reached with Lincare, and all is OK and I can continue my care with Lincare. On Tuesday I receive a monthly statement from Apria demanding payment for their services.

I called Apria and told them I paid the driver my co-pay that the invoice had asked for. They denied receiving any money from the driver and that I had to pay immediately. I told the lady I had only had the equipment for less than 1 week, and was not going pay again so soon. The lady said that she will move monies around so that it would reflect a zero balance and wait until the next statement.

Wednesday I called Apria to come and pickup their equipment, that I was going back to Lincare for my air services and was not happy with Apria.

Today is March 9, 2012 and am still being billed for the initial payment.

They say they received the check on October 25, 2011 and on October 27, 2011 issued a refund. I have a cancelled check from October 25 and no refund.

This company is dishonest and a rip-off

Monetary Loss: $20.

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It's illegal for a medical supplier to make unsolicited telephone calls to people with Medicare. The exceptions are if you have given written consent to have the supplier call you, the call is about an item the supplier already provided to you, or the supplier has delivered equipment to you in the previous 15 months. Also, a supplier may call you to confirm delivery and billing information for a new item if you know that your doctor is contacting the supplier on your behalf.


Apria actually called my current O2 provider unprovoked and told them i wanted to switch to their service because "they are local and my current company isn't". This is total BS, and i was only informed of this because my current provider called me to find out why i was leaving their service.


most likely the most ridiculous company to ever work for there is no training whatsoever so how can people learn from ignorant rude children who play cat and mouse with them all day long one of the most negative overwhelming low budget outfit on the planet you are taking your life in your hands going with them they must have taken every insurance over just to create profit and in the end all it is is profit they are nothing going nowhere and will soon burn out they are losing a reputation thats hard to build and hard to bring back they are intolerant and cause people an overwhelming amount of stress elderly and the young they dont care they dont care that its your mom or dad or son or daughter all it is is about making money and their so called devoted employees wait until they get burned that fake smile and ridiculous slogan will be gone cant believe there have been no attorney general complaints guess those are in the works hope people take it to the judge its about time this company paid for what it has stolen all these years peoples dignity and respect while they are ill disgusting

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