Phoenix, Arizona
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APRIA provided the WORST customer service I ever experienced in my 63 years.

While traveling in Phoenix area my CPAP machine crashed. After 7 phone calls talking to multiple locations and customer service reps at APRIA I was told on Thursday the earliest I could get a new CPAP would be the following Tuesday or later. APRIA said they would call back and schedule an appointment with a respiratory therapist.

After multiple sleepless nights I was desperate for a replacement unit. Friday morning I called Preferred Home Care explaining my problem. By 4:00 that afternoon I had met with a therapist and was home with a new CPAP. It was a serious relief sleeping for the first time in several days.

This is Saturday. APRIA still hasn't called back!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

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Very dissatisfied with the outcome of my procedure.Trusted the ability of the dr. to fix his own mistake and kept paying for his redo's.

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Preferred Home Care in Phoenix did a great job for us. Supplied CPAP and accessories. :) They will ship nationally.


Yes, I am afraid we have gotten sucked in by Apria Healthcare also. They have had us sign a rental agreement and we agreed to pay $42 each month.

They took the liberty (without permission) to charge our card for $384 and are trying to tell us we gave them authority to charge any amount they wanted. They say now that we are buying the equipment.

Crooks!!! We will see what my bank will do to reel them in.


I am wondering if there are other companies that you can purchase a CPAP from (and supplies, etc.). We would love to go somewhere else for our service and supplies! Anyone can respond to this if you know another company!

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