Highlands Ranch, Colorado

We are PREVIOUS customers who do not owe them any money. But, for over a year and half they have hounded us with phone calls about wanting credit card information.

Why would we do this when we are not currently buying anything from them or plan to do so anytime soon? My spouse called and asked them to stop calling. The person on the phone said they would stop... THEY HAVEN'T!

Everyday. they. call... This is harassment, pure and simple.

WHY would I ever, EVER want to do business with them again.

I think I'd die first! Do yourself a favor and AVOID APRIA HEALTHCARE!

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They are positively evil. Billing mistakes in their favor impossible to reconcile.

They ignored all communications from my ATTORNEY. Thought I was rid of them. Now getting robo calls again claiming I have outstanding balance.. I'm going to BBB, attorney general, news.

This has to stop.

Why are they still in business??? Thank God I now have an alternative in my network!!!


This is a common example of old ppl taking things over board.. I doubt apria is calling just trying to get ur credit card info..

@Over Reacting

Probably NOT overreacting. Ever since they went national and changed how they operate.

this company has probably caused many deaths. I almost ran into that situation myself just this past Saturday. No service, no nothing......Rude, incompetent personnel. They say they can't do servive after normal working hours but just a few minutes ago, I got a call that they will p.u.

equipt. between 5pm and 9pm...

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