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I am an Pennsylvania resident.I have been with this company on oxygen for over 10 years,they once were a nice company to work with,when we had touch with them on a local relationship.They helped in every way possible.Over the past 3 years they have done a HORRIBLE turn around.This year has been one of complete frustration on my part.Calls are not return,local branches have closed,AND NOW the oxygen delivery person last week who delivered here was very very RUDE and actually told me that I was not using the correct way to use my portable tank or my concentrator when I went outside of my own home,as he seemed to know how I should you think he could have a CLUE how my body feels!!! APRIA is not a good company now.WE need LOCAL people to do business with.How can someone in the Philipens have a true knowledge of US here in the UNITED STATES????

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

Reason of review: Rude delivery local phone numbers.

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They now claim they cannot do that


How do you feel now that the Philippine president decided to break ties with our country and has of today ordered our troops out off their country? He also said that the Chinese and the Russians are the olnty countries he trusts. How do we feel now about this company, I have tried to contact the corporate office to see what they plan on doing about this and no one has returned my calls.


amen I had the same issue! Thus far I am not happy with apria and their policy.


Everyone please read this: When you reach an overseas operator from any company. Refuse to conduct service with them.

Immediately ask them if they are located in the United states. They will say they are authorized to represent the company, say that you know that but you are asking to speak to a US representative (and be very polite) no need for us to be rude about it, but keep insisting. Do this with every single company that you come in contact with - EVERYONE without fail.

It is voting for Liberals who want to open up the borders and allow all our jobs to go overseas that causes this!

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