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Do NOT believe Apria's marketing when they promise skilled professionals for you to access along with their products!

I asked to speak with a dietician so I could learn how safely get my husband back to food by mouth (he had a PEG tube). Access to a dietician is advertised as a service. All I got was the dietician telling me she was advised by their 'compliance group' that she was not permitted to advise me until I changed my husband from a Kangaroo pump to 'gravity feed'. Reason? Medicare would likely NOT pay for his supplies unless I changed to 'gravity feed'. This denial went on for NINE WEEKS. The dietician kept calling for a while to see if I had changed my mind yet about gravity feed.

My husband had just survived several weeks in the hospital and the doctors wanted him on a VERY specific prescription of 24/7 food and hydration that was expected to be changed very gradually to meet his changing capabilities. (Hence the dietician.....) There was a very detailed prescription REQUIRING a pump capable of doing feed and flush on a schedule. Apria was provided the prescription and dropped off the equipment. Only when I asked for the dietician did they begin HOUNDING ME to find out if I had decided to switch to gravity feed yet.

By the way, Medicare approved the pump in a heart-beat once Apria submitted the bill......nine weeks into the hounding process.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: To NEVER hear from this company again.

Apria Cons: Power of compliance group to influence prescription, Enteral supplies never packed well, Unsafe advice on damaged enteral food, Website promise of help that never arrived, Forcing dietician to hound family to change prescription.

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The last straw was when they held up a regular monthly re-supply order in order to send the re-supply request back thru 'compliance'. Couldn't they have done this review ANY TIME during the month rather than waiting until the 7 day window they give us for calling in for Medicare-based resupply??

They did this ONE WEEK REVIEW after providing supplies for about 18 months.

They (compliance) held up DELIVERY until we had ONE DAY of supply remaining there would have been NOTHING here if UPS had been delayed. NOT acceptable!

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