Jacksonville, Florida

My wife left hospital three days ago at 2 pm. Apria was to get us the new Trilogy Ventilator and portable toilet and wheel chair. Less than ½ after leaving the hospital their technician is calling to set up a time for the ventilator. I also mentioned the potty chair and wheel chair. He said that equipment would be on the next truck. He arrives then wants a credit card number to secure the expensive equipment even though Aetna had already approved. This was fine. It got later in the day so I called Apria to find out a delivery time on the wheel chair and potty chair. They said they were still trying to get approval for them. I called 7pm, 7:30pm; 8:20pm 8:50pm still no answer.

I got a little angry with them because they get the high rental equipment immediately but the stuff that is only a couple of bucks to them they don’t worry about delivery. I told them if they wanted my wife to just go in a bucket waiting on other equipment.

I know these are little things. But if you are a bed ridden patient and have to go to the bathroom the portable potty BECOMES QUITE IMPORTANT at that minute.

It is now THREE days later and no equipment or word from Apria. I went out and personally bought the potty chair and wheel chair because we could not wait.

Their customer service stinks. Their employees on the phone did not care and were rude. Was I little upset YES I WAS after the 4th phone call and NO ANSWERS..

If you can go anywhere else do not go to Apria

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Cpap Machine Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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